Muslim Basketball Player Receives Letter From College As Fans Discover Anthem Stance

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RWC News Muslim Basketball Player Receives Letter From College As Fans Discover Anthem Stance

Rasool Samir made his stand and now he is paying for it.

A basketball player at Garden City Community College in Kansas has been kicked off the team but now the left is saying his civil rights were violated. Samir claims he was dismissed by the team after he made a stance on the National Anthem. A fan decided he had seen enough of that anthem stance, a confrontation followed.

19-year-old Rasool Samir refused to show respect for the National Anthem during a game. His team left the court, a big enough show of disrespect. Samir was not willing to do even that.

The teen kept shooting baskets while the country’s anthem played. Unsurprisingly, this angered some of the people in the stands.


Samir, who is now working with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), claims this is a religious issue;

“He refrained from participating in the anthem because he is a and his faith prohibits acts of reverence to anything but God.”

After the anthem ended, a fan came out of the stands to confront Samir. An argument ensued and campus police ended up separating them. Samir was taken from the court and the fan, later identified as Jim Howard, went back to his seat. Some of the audience applauded the patriotic man.

Howard later told reporters;

“I’ve had enough of disrespecting our flag. I’ve been raising money for 32 years for this college, trying to help pay for scholarships for these kids. If they’re not going to respect our flag, then they need to get off of our campus and out of Garden City.”


Samir appears to be no longer enrolled at the college. Officials there state that was his choice but Samir tells another story. He says that the head basketball coach Brady Trenkle told him to leave.

The ACLU is deciding whether there is enough information to sue. They believe Samir’s First Amendment rights may have been violated.

Sources: New York PostThe Garden City Telegram

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