Muslim Brotherhood Suffers Devastating Leak As Egyptian Official Exposes Their Network

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RWC News Muslim Brotherhood Suffers Devastating Leak As Egyptian Official Exposes Their Network

While the Brotherhood claims non-violence, they are behind terrorist organizations around the world.

The question as to whether or not the Brotherhood is a terrorist organization has been hotly debated. In the 1970’s the Brotherhood denounced violence, but according to Egyptian security expert and former police officer Khaled Okasha, this was part of their plan.

Back at the time, the Brotherhood had a strategy to play a double game so that they could earn a place in the Arabic community all over the region before they started their armed militias,” Okasha said in an interview with Counter Jihad Report.

Okasha explained that the Brotherhood attempted to rebrand themselves as a solely political organization, pushing new faces to the forefront to gain Arab allies. Meanwhile, they worked with other terrorist organizations who committed acts of violence on behalf of their behalf.


RWC News Muslim Brotherhood Suffers Devastating Leak As Egyptian Official Exposes Their Network

Khaled Okasha is an Egyptian security expert familiar with the Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood worked to establish dominance in the Arab world and in Egypt and Tunisia and they were successful in securing positions in parliament and ultimately the presidency. Egypt holds a lot of significance to the brotherhood. It serves as their headquarters and it is the home base of the supreme guide, who is the ultimate spiritual authority over the entire Brotherhood.

After the Egyptian Revolution in 2011 and the consequent fall of Hosni Mubarak, the Brotherhood’s presidential candidate Mohamed Morsi won the election. This victory was their first step in their strategy to dominate the Middle East.

RWC News Muslim Brotherhood Suffers Devastating Leak As Egyptian Official Exposes Their Network

Mohamed Morsi was the leader of the Brotherhood until he was forced to resign.


However, after a short time in office, Egyptian citizens mounted a major uprising against Morsi after several instances of totalitarian overreach, mismanagement of the economy, and other factors. In July of 2013, Morsi was arrested and forced to resign. This served as a crisis for the Brotherhood. Their headquarters and the home of their supreme guide had been taken from them.

Out of the chaos of the removal of Morsi, the Brotherhood created political parties that served as cover for their terrorist activity. In the public spotlight they were just another political organization, but behind the scenes they were working with groups such as the Jihad and the Gamaa Islamiya to conduct their attacks without getting their hands dirty.

RWC News Muslim Brotherhood Suffers Devastating Leak As Egyptian Official Exposes Their Network

The Brotherhood used political cover as they conducted terrorist activity.

Mohamed Kamal, a senior leader of the Brotherhood was the force behind these terror cells. He used several groups such as Brotherhood Youth and Gamaa Islamiya throughout 2013 and 2014 and some remnants of the groups still exist today.


Another important group to the Brotherhood was the Hazmoon group under their political ally Hazem Salah Abu-Ismails. Hazmoon was far more experienced than Kamal’s cells in militant activity and assisted the Brotherhood’s groups in their attacks. These terror cells spread across Egypt targeting locations such as Alexandria, Cairo, and Giza.

According to Okasha, the main targets of these terror cells were security personnel and guards of public buildings. These groups launched several successful attacks with the aim of keeping the public in a constant state of panic.

The Brotherhood fought hard to destabilize the government so they might regain control of Egypt politically. They attempted this by fighting to gain control of specific cities, and also by attacking Christian churches to start a sectarian war with the purpose of destabilization. However, this failed because Egyptian Christians refused to fight back militarily.

Okasha explained that as Kamal gained more and more power, the young people in the  Brotherhood began to consider him their true leader and supreme guide. This created a schism between the youth and the older members of the Brotherhood which went on for a year until the Kamal was killed by security forces in October 2016.

The Trump administration has pushed for the Brotherhood to be considered a terrorist organization. However, liberals insist the group is non-violent, despite having no real information to prove such a claim. The Brotherhood’s ultimate goal is to control the Arab and world and they cannot be treated as harmless.

Terrorism is a major threat across the globe and there has been attack after attack throughout the past decade. It is time for the Western world to stand up, define all terrorist groups as such, and work together to extinguish them. This cannot be done if liberal politicians refuse to acknowledge a group with the magnitude of The Brotherhood.

While officially The Brotherhood is non-violent, there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that they have worked behind the scenes with countless terror cells to commit acts of terrorism across the Arab world and especially in Egypt. Their power will only increase until they are treated as the enemy they truly are.

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