Muslim Refugee Arrested & Charged As Police Discover What Happened With Four Young Girls

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RWC News Muslim Refugee Arrested & Charged As Police Discover What Happened With Four Young Girls

A New Hampshire refugee was arrested for sexually abusing 4 local girls.

As more and more refugees find their way to the United States, it seems many communities are overwhelmed with emerging legal issues. Some of these issues include sexual assault as in the case of a refugee living in New Hampshire. Mohammod Rafique was recently arrested on charges relating to the sexual abuse of four young girls, the youngest being only seven years old.

According to a police report:

“Nashua police said on September 7, 2017, around 1:55 pm, they responded to a residence to investigate a reported sexual assault. They said they learned that four underage girls were inappropriately touched by an adult man in August 2017.
Police identified Mohammod Rafique, 27, of Nashua, as a suspect, and said he was acquainted with one of the victim’s family members.
Rafique was initially wanted for Class B felonious sexual assault, but police said after he was arrested he was charged with an additional count of Class B felonious sexual assault, as well as two counts of simple assault and one count of attempted simple assault, both Class A misdemeanors.”


Rafique came to the United States as a refugee from Myanmar. He has lived in the country for two years and was a neighbor to at least one of the girls he allegedly had sexual contact with. While some members of the community have downplayed these allegations, prosecutor Don Topham stated: “…we’re alleging these offenses have had a great and substantial effect on both them and their parents.”

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Full details of the abuse have not been released, but new reports point to the touching occurring at some family or public community event. According to a news report about the arrest:

“Through the investigation, we learned that he was acquainted with one girl’s family,” Lt. Kerry Baxter said. “He had attempted to offer them money and gifts and things like that to get one or more of the girls back to his house.”


Court records said when the girls interviewed, they gave essentially the same version of what happened.
Prosecutors asked for $50,000 bail, saying it was needed to protect the victims. Defense lawyers said Rafique is innocent.
“I have spoken with him and he understands the serious nature of these charges, but he is maintaining his innocence on these charges, and of course the court knows there is a presumption of innocence at this point,” defense lawyer Sarah Newhall said.”

As harmful as this type of assault is to the victims, it seems more and more common in refugee communities. Many have emerging concerns about the impact of trauma refugees see as they flee their countries and how this may negatively affect how they interact with those around them here in the United States. In this case is this man acting out some inappropriate contact with young girls that may not be so wrong in a refugee camp or even on foreign soil.

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Concerns about this emerging trend initially came to light over a call in a small town in Idaho. After three boys savagely raped and abused a five-year-old neighbor girl, many in the apartment complex spoke out about the boys being over sexualized. Two boys raped and molested the girl as a third filmed the encounter, An eyewitness to that attack, Jolene Payne, explained the scene as she walks in on the attack:


“…the door was cracked enough for him to see the pictures he was taking. I opened that door and I almost fainted when I saw what was going on and I’m a nurse. What a pitiful thing for a poor little girl to go through. The little tiny white girl, 5 years old, was standing there with her clothes off. The two younger boys were also naked. The worst thing was the way they peed all over her clothes and on her too, and I thought that was one of the meanest things I’ve ever saw done. And we know those kids must know a lot more than kids in America of that age. I’ve never seen any of them do anything like that to little girls, and we have a lot of children around here.”

Sadly it seems there may be more at play than just random sexual assaults. There is something wrong with the way refugees are coming into quietly join small towns across America. Our children are not prepared for the abuse they may come across.

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