Muslim Woman Receives Harsh Ultimatum As Judge Calls Her Out In Courtroom

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RWC News Muslim Woman Receives Harsh Ultimatum As Judge Calls Her Out In Courtroom

A migrant living in Germany has been warned that if she wears a hijab during her July 27th court appearance her case will be dismissed. The anonymous woman wants to divorce her husband.

A German judge took a bold stance against Islamic encroachment this week. He informed a woman scheduled to appear before him that he would not allow hijabs to be worn in his courtroom.

Obtrusive religious symbols don’t belong in civil court. The woman, a Syrian refugee who wants to divorce her husband, will have her case dismissed if she defies the judge’s order. Her lawyer is beside himself with rage and indignation, complaining that his client’s rights were being violated.

However, she’s appearing in a secular court. If she wants her case to be tried in Germany, she has to agree to follow German laws. Hijabs aren’t innocuous clothing items. For many people, the garment represents oppression and misogyny.


German culture has been strained by the recent influx of migrants. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to throw open the country’s borders may have won her the TIME Person of the Year award, but it harmed her reputation in Germany. The disaster has had the expected outcome. Millions of people with nowhere else to go now reside in Germany.

RWC News Muslim Woman Receives Harsh Ultimatum As Judge Calls Her Out In Courtroom

Germans are fed up with living among radical Islamists. The country’s generosity is being abused by criminals and wannabe jihadists.

Merkel told Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland last August: “From my point of view, a completely covered woman has almost no chance of integrating herself in Germany.”

Even her optimistic liberalism couldn’t withstand the onslaught of refugees. Instead of transforming the country for the better, unchecked immigration is now one of its biggest threats. Terrorists, criminals, and degenerates are easily slipping across the border.


Thousands of Germans have been harmed by migrant violence. That too could have been predicted in advance. Most of the migrants are wild young men with no education and few job prospects. They’re crammed on top of each other in dirty, crowded refugee camps. It’s a wonder that the violence isn’t worse.

The hijab ban represents society’s attempt to stand up for itself. Conservative Islam is incompatible with secular Western cultures. Muslims living in Germany are demanding too many concessions. They want men and women to be separated in public; they want women reduced to the role of second class citizens.

RWC News Muslim Woman Receives Harsh Ultimatum As Judge Calls Her Out In Courtroom

Hijabs in court are a controversial subject. Muslim women say it’s their right while government officials claim that religious symbols have no business in secular courtrooms.

Forcing women to wear hijab’s is a way for Islam to enforce its cruel anti-women bias. No wonder judges don’t like seeing them in court. A woman’s desire to debase or humiliate herself for Allah is her own business, except when her actions interfere with the public. Her religious beliefs have no bearing on the state’s decision regarding her case.


In fact, not wearing a hijab in court will likely help the woman. Americans have complicated feelings regarding Islam. A woman shouldn’t expect to be discriminated against, but a judge who bans religious symbols from his courtroom should be obeyed.

RWC News Muslim Woman Receives Harsh Ultimatum As Judge Calls Her Out In Courtroom

Germans have resorted to staging elaborate protests to express their dissatisfaction with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s immigration policies. Most people do not support unlimited immigration.

The anonymous woman is from Syria, so she’s allowed to stay in Germany regardless of what happens. Merkel has finally begun cracking down on economic migrants, but she refuses to rescind the invitation she formerly extended to Syrian refugees.

According to the Daily Mail:

Although the judge has not made a comment, the magistrate’s office in German said the judge ‘has to take care of order in the courtroom, where religious symbols have no place’. A draft law to ban German civil servants, judges and soldiers from wearing full-face burkas at work was agreed earlier this year by the country’s parliament. The move came after Chancellor Angela Merkel called in December for a ban on full-face veils ‘wherever legally possible’.”

Radical Islam has taken root in Germany. The country is inching closer and closer to all-out war. The only thing that the government can do now is try to mitigate the damage. Banning hijabs in government buildings is a step in the right direction.

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