NFL Feeling Massive Effects Of Protests As Pictures From Stadiums Reveal EVERYTHING

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RWC News NFL Feeling Massive Effects Of Protests As Pictures From Stadiums Reveal EVERYTHING

N.F.L. head Goodell (pictured) did not like what greeted him in the stands on week six.

Everyone knows that the boycott of the N.F.L. is crippling the league. Every antic or verbal uprising from one of the race-baiting know-nothings only worsens the shellacking, too. It has gotten so bad that the whole status of the sport may be forever tarnished with the damage now being irreversible.

Breitbart has confirmed this by reporting that the league’s commissioner Goodell has implored everyone to “move past the anthem controversy” and address such concerns at N.F.L. meetings. But that wasn’t enough. All over the league, thousands upon thousands of vacant seats greeted owners at the start of the game.

For that matter, the same sight greeted them at halftime as well. That is because the fans have had enough of this lie about how whites somehow hold blacks down when black men make millions of off these same white fans.


The Jets and the Patriots are a game that those who (used to) follow the game cared about. It was two teams in a division that, especially this year with the Pat’s failing a bit, is a big deal. Rather, it was no deal since the number of empty seats disgraced both teams.


The Texans, Atlanta, and Baltimore were all met with the same sight as their games were unattended by thousands, many of whom had already purchased tickets!

Teams like the Jaguars, who don’t sell very well to start with, are really taking a beating as the boycott causes even fewer people to care about the ailing team.

Breitbart writes that everyone is Jacksonville now, considering that fans are not turning up or tuning in thanks to the anthem nonsense.

It is good to see so many Americans uniting and, even though we love our football, refusing to support the filth and the lies that have become part and parcel of it.

As the fans stand against the league that has allowed the players to kneel against our pride, it is good to see that there is still some decorum and unity in these United States.

Source: Breitbart

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