NFL Hypocrisy Exposed As Outraged Fans Say “Enough!”

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RWC News NFL Hypocrisy Exposed As Outraged Fans Say “Enough!”

Boycott the NFL is a growing movement.

Regan Pifer reports that a recently-created Facebook group asked season ticket holders to stay home and armchair quarterbacks to catch up on their reading instead of tuning into the NFL games the day after Veterans Day.

According to the New York Post:

“Boycott the NFL,” which has 220,000 followers going into the weekend, added that its members plan to resist watching as long as “millionaire football players” protest the national anthem.

But, despite this uproar, the National Football League told fans and protestors alike that they simply don’t care.

The Washington Times reports the “Boycott the NFL” efforts to stand “in solidarity with veterans around the country” because “Americans are sick of the disrespectful National Anthem protests that the NFL has not only allowed to continue, but has institutionalized” have been ineffective.

Coaches, staff, and players will continue to do what they have done–kneel, Black-Power fist, sit, whatever –without regard for veterans or Veterans Day:

The NFL announced Saturday there has been ‘no change’ in its national anthem policy despite a Veterans Day campaign to boycott Sunday’s games over the take-a-knee protests.

What is that policy exactly? That players should, but are not required, to stand for the national anthem.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith said they plan to discuss “important social issues” at next week’s league meeting.

“The agenda will be a continuation of how to make progress on the important social issues that players have vocalized,” said the statement. “Everyone who is part of our NFL community has a tremendous respect for our country, our flag, our anthem and our military, and we are coming together to deal with these issues in a civil and constructive way.”

About two dozen players, most of them with the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks, have regularly opted to sit or kneel during the national anthem this season.

“Everyone who is part of our NFL community has a tremendous respect for our country, our flag, our anthem and our military”?

Say what? Are you kidding me?

You mean those football players who refuse to come out of the locker room, or stand for the national anthem, have “tremendous respect” for their country?


I’m not buying it.

On that list of “social issues” that Goodell says the league will discuss, respect for the country should be at the top.

Maybe the NFL could hire consultants to talk at this meeting. Maybe those consultants should be veterans.

Someone who fought against Nazi Germany, or almost lost their lives in a Communist fight in the jungle halfway across the world.


Someone who lost their best friend, their husband, their son.

Now, if you still don’t think those sacrifices are worth honoring, maybe you should have those millionaire-tantrum-throwing toddlers stand because…it is affecting your business.

The National Football League has lost close to a million viewers from last season and their stadiums are reminiscent of an abandoned Walmart parking lot.

Until Goodell realizes this, he will likely lose his job because the league will go up in flames.

What are your thoughts?

H/T: The Federalist Papers

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