NFL Limps Into Week 7 As Anthem Protests Rage, Fans Show Their Response

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RWC News NFL Limps Into Week 7 As Anthem Protests Rage, Fans Show Their Response

Week seven hits the N.F.L. with grim numbers as the boycott hits the league hard.

When it was reported last week that the N.F.L. had met and had not ruled against allowing players to do ANYTHING but stand respectfully, many thought that the fallout was going to be bad. Well, it turns out that such predictions were wrong. The fallout is actually much worse than most predicted!

If the seats get any emptier in N.F.L. stadiums, they may start to resemble the ruins of ancient Greece or Rome. The Gateway Pundit shows us that “Several NFL stadiums are nearly empty post kick-off as the National Anthem controversy” raged on. Week seven wasn’t heaven but rather, was what the site called “NFL HELL” as the fans seem less contented than ever. The literally limped into the ratings like a player on the DL.

Images on Twitter show that the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins game was one of the least attended games in recent memory considering where we are in the season.


Teams like the Cleveland Browns (who have historically been one of the worst teams in the entire league year after awful year) are really feeling the bite. As they played (and lost) against the Tennessee Titans, there are enough empty orange seats to look like a fruit stand from blimp cam!

Breitbart has observed that even some of the most popular teams in the league such as the New England Patriots have seen a downturn, as well. Viewership for thier last game tanked as badly as the last Ghostbuster’s movie.

We are told the the N.F.L. has lost 40 points of ratings in just the last three weeks. The Pundit writes that “nearly 60 percent of working class Trump supporters now view the NFL unfavorably” and The Week informs us “Trump still hasn’t given up the debate.”

Nor should he.


Players have taken the fake issue which says that whites are racist, attached the false meme to his name, and used it all as a way to disrespect the flag will stabbing at the White House. That is simply not the decorum that can be accepted in the U.S.

There seem to be a lot of football fans who agree, too.

Sources: The Gateway Pundit – Breitbart – This Week 

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