“No Child Should See That,” Parents Outraged After School Shows Wrong Program On TV

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RWC News “No Child Should See That,” Parents Outraged After School Shows Wrong Program On TV

Clayton County School District is telling parents that a student was to blame.

Parents want to know how pornography ended up showing on a TV monitor in the cafeteria at a local high school. Channel 2’s Tom Jones talked to one parent who took her child out of school after finding out about the incident.

Daphne Raines said she walked right in Mount Zion High School and checked her daughter out after she sent her a graphic picture of what was playing on the TV monitor during lunch.

“She was like, ‘Momma, look what was playing when we was eating. Came on the TV.’ And I just happened to look at it. And I had to just open it up and look at it real good. And I’m like, ‘Oh, my God,’” Raines said.

The mother told Jones that her mouth dropped open after she looked at the picture in the text her daughter sent her from school. She said what she saw was very disturbing.

“It was ridiculous. It was just horrible because. This is horrible because somebody had to have control of that situation,” Raines told Jones.

The picture is too graphic to show but it is pornography. Raines’ 10th grade daughter said the pornography was shown on the monitor in the cafeteria during lunch. She said it was on for about a minute before the principal ran out of the cafeteria and then it disappeared.

Raines wants to know who is responsible for allowing the porn on the monitor. A school representative told Jones she was trying to find out what happened.

Raines took her daughter out of school and she’s not happy no one could explain how the pornography was broadcasted to students. She said there should be a price to pay for whomever is responsible.

“That’s something that should be seen behind closed doors. No child should see that,” Raines said.

The school district said they are investigating the incident and the student involved will be disciplined.

H/T: WSB Atlanta

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