North Korea Helps Iran Get The Bomb As Two America Hating Nations Unite

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RWC News North Korea Helps Iran Get The Bomb As Two America Hating Nations Unite

North Korea and Iran are planning dark things for America.

North Korea has detested the United States ever since the Korean War came to a standstill. No, not an end, for nothing ending the conflict was ever signed and both nations are still, technically, at war. There exists a ceasefire only. This is one of the reasons that America conducts war games in Asian waters, an act which many feel is making matters worse today.

Enter Iran, a nation that acts as if it were at war with the U.S. because we are (mostly) not Islamic and we don’t hate Israel. The Free Beacon tells us that “U.S. officials are closely monitoring an ongoing meeting between senior North Korean and Iranian officials” following the test of the  North Korea’s H-bomb.

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Iran has been lying, conniving, and low-deck dealing to get their terrorist supporting hands on even a speck of nuclear power so that they can terrorize their enemies in the region and globally. It seems that N.K.’s Kim Jong-un “ is helping to put the Islamic Republic back on the pathway to a functional nuclear weapon.”

It should not be overlooked that Iran hates the Jews, the Christians, and others because they are not praying facing the East three times a day to please Allah, and yet North Korea’s leader teaches his people that he is a god born under a double rainbow and that flowers bloom out of season as he walks by.


Iran practices a form of Islam that allows them to use and lie to their enemies to achieve their ends. Kim Jong-un is so backed into a corner that he’s painted himself into that he doesn’t see that the radical Islamic regime shall one day turn on him, too.


A person who the Free Beacon calls “a source” said that “Pyongyang continues to stockpile illicit nuclear material on Iran’s behalf” and that it is done to “skirt” the rules of President Obama and Former Secretary of State John Kerry’s failed nuclear deal.

In other words, Obama worked out a deal that allowed a dishonest Iranian regime to be trusted and North Korea is being empowered by terrorists to act as a nuclear missile storage unit.

The history of collaboration between North Korea and Iran has been an ongoing concern and needs to be watched closely,” is what the official said to the Beacon.

We’ve been laboring under the false assumption that these oppressive regimes are rational and that we can persuade them to act for the greater good. President Trump has made it clear those days are at an end, and that the United States will do what is necessary to prevent Iran from turning into another North Korea,” the source added.


RWC News North Korea Helps Iran Get The Bomb As Two America Hating Nations Unite

Remember this lie? Iran had NO pathway? That pathway seems to run through Pyongyang.

N.K. and Iran have worked in tandem on nuclear issues for quite some time and Rep. Ron DeSantis (R., Fla.) has said, “Given that Kim Jong Un is a plump, immature kid who only rules because of accident of birth, it is not clear that he can, through traditional means, be deterred from commencing an attack against the United States using his nuclear arsenal.

The Hermit Kingdom seems to hope that Iran will harm the U.S. with this technology and DeSantis has also said, “What is completely clear is that Kim is willing to transfer nuclear technology to, and assist with nuclear development for, rogue regimes such as Iran.

Now that Obama has allowed the U.S. to have two empowered enemies who wish to send WMD to our cities, President Trump has quite a full plate as tensions heat up and talk of WW3 is happening daily.

With Iran pledged to destroy “all infidels,” it seems that Kim has found someone as evil as himself.

Source: The Free Beacon

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