NYPD Cop accused Of Drug Running, Credit-Card Fraud

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RWC News NYPD Cop accused Of Drug Running, Credit-Card Fraud

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An NYPD anti-terror cop has been doubling as a drug runner and credit-card fraudster passing phony money, according to court documents obtained by The Post onThursday.

Reynaldo Lopez, who works with the anti-terror unit in the department’s Transit Bureau, was arrested Wednesday delivering what he thought were 3 kilos of heroin to a Bronx location, authorities said in Manhattan federal court papers.

But the “drugs” were actually brick-shaped “mock narcotics” — and Lopez was busted, the documents state.

Lopez also is accused of being a member of a counterfeit credit-card operation that uses stolen personal financial information to buy everything from electronics and clothing to movie tickets, according to court documents.

Law enforcement caught up with Lopez while investigating a credit-card theft ring, the feds said.

In the course of their investigation, they learned that Lopez charged more than $13,000 on a credit card in the spring, the papers said.

As recently as September Lopez and unnamed co-conspirators also used a fake credit card to buy $1,000 worth of electronics, the feds said.

He also flashed around “a stack” of phony $100 bills to the undercover and said he’d been passing the funny money around, the papers said.

H/T: NY Post

RWC News NYPD Cop accused Of Drug Running, Credit-Card Fraud

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