Obama “Dreamers” Have Shocking Education Rate As Liberals Attempt Defense

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RWC News Obama “Dreamers” Have Shocking Education Rate As Liberals Attempt Defense

The Obama era program that is DACA cried that illegals have rights and education is one of them, yet only 4% of those who are DACA recipients finish college. How much time and money has to be wasted before investors realize it’s a bad investment.

One of the largest concerns that takes the center stage for modern American politics is the issue of amnesty. Programs like Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) look to ensure that many non-citizens are given rights and benefits over American citizens but the narrative produced is that these recipients are crucial to the future of the United States because of their rejuvenation skills and culture. However, despite the narrative that the DREAMERs will save the country because of their intelligence, studies are showing that only 4% of DACA recipients finish college.

The report from the Migration Policy Institute, who favor blanket amnesty and open borders, shows staggering information about the life styles and contribution of DACA recipients. Although the same amount of DACA recipients are enrolled in college as their native counterparts, roughly 17%, their graduation rate is less than a quarter of what the national average is. It shows that they cannot finish college and are therefore less educated and productive than native American college students.

RWC News Obama “Dreamers” Have Shocking Education Rate As Liberals Attempt Defense

Protestors feel as though because they are here anyways, they are entitled to the benefits that American citizens receive. Nobody has a right to education as it is a privelege for those who can make it work.


The issue at hand is there an entire population of people who are being misconstrued as innocent and productive when in reality they simply are not. Since DACA recipients only comprise a small amount of known illegal alien figures, one must try to apply this data to the larger figure. There are roughly 30,000 DACA recipients with 4-year college degrees so compare that to the 1.78 million illegals in the same “dreamer” age group (15-32) then only 1.7% of illegal alien dreamers hold college degrees.

This is a staggering number for a few reasons. The first being that the American population is being blatantly lied to when their concerns about low-income workers are ignored because these dreamers are apparently not interested in this kind of work. Political organizations try to paint the picture that dreamers are critical and what makes the United States competitive but the MPI data says differently as nearly 1.6% of the dreamers who are employed work in white collar jobs.

RWC News Obama “Dreamers” Have Shocking Education Rate As Liberals Attempt Defense

Students at the University of Santa Fe staged a walk out, and brought their own flag with them ,in protest to trying to end the DACA program. Acoording to the data only 4% of those in the pciture will graduate.

The second reason this is startling is the fact that so much time, energy, and resources are being wasted by the dreamers who attend school only to drop out. Since only 4% of dreamers who enroll in university graduates, then it seems like those paying the bills should look to more promising loan recipients as this 4% is far below the national average for native collegiate graduates. This information does not bode well for the economy as studies have shown that immigrant families with little to no education tend to rely heaviest of government welfare programs.


The Center for Immigration Studies, an organization against amnesty, released information from studies that show that nearly 51% of the households headed by an immigrant (legal or illegal) applied and received for at least one government assisted program compared to the 30% of native households. The report from CIS goes further by showing information that helps reveal why the abysmal collegiate graduation rate among DACA recipients is troubling for the US economy.

Nearly 73% of immigrant households where the head of the household has not graduated college are on welfare, a troubling figure that should get better with more education. However, a still staggeringly high number of 63% of households where the head of the household is an immigrant and finished high school receive welfare. It suffices to say that there is trend among education and immigrants in that the less education they posses means the more they have to rely on government programs.

RWC News Obama “Dreamers” Have Shocking Education Rate As Liberals Attempt Defense

Amnesty is a dangerous and slipplery slope that is incredibly insulting to those who did the work and came to the country the correct way. If one thinks that caving in a giving people who already break the law what they want is a good thing, then there’s a dark future ahead for immigration reform.

This information is extremely disheartening as time and time again the American people are misled by people in positions of power about the reality that amnesty represents. The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, actually goes so far as to say that amnesty is the greatest issue of our time and that illegal immigrants are just as vital to the economy as billionaires are. These kinds of statements are what makes people the maddest as they are told to calm down and forget about certain issues only to find that it is a true issue with troubling impacts.


Instead of working to ensure that corporations have a cheap supply of labor, US lawmakers should seek to work with academic institutions in the DACA recipient’s native country so they could possibly study and live a life there.

It begs to question though as to why these colleges are accepting students who are not going to be able to graduate, surely their application credentials will show signs of struggling? Are they overlooking these issues in order to get more federal funding even though they know the students will struggle and fail?

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