Obama-Era Waste Intensifies As Audit Reveals Over Half BILLION In Unverified Contracts

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RWC News Obama-Era Waste Intensifies As Audit Reveals Over Half BILLION In Unverified Contracts

Gina McCarthy and Barack Obama led the EPA to massive corruption.

We may never know the full depth of the damage that Obama and his administration did to America in eight years. A new audit of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) during the last two years of his administration has revealed massive oversight.

In two short years, the EPA awarded more than $540 million dollars worth of contracts to unverified contractors. The report has found several areas where the agency was negligent.

•The EPA was not initiating required background investigations for contractor personnel in high-risk positions.
•The EPA has not identified all high-risk information technology positions.
•The EPA has not assigned a risk determination for information security contractor personnel.
•EPA system owners, service managers and contracting officer’s representatives did not verify whether contractor personnel possessed the required background investigations.
•The EPA’s internal websites do not specify background investigation requirements for contractor personnel.
•The EPA does not have an accurate number for how many information security contractor personnel require high-risk background investigations.


RWC News Obama-Era Waste Intensifies As Audit Reveals Over Half BILLION In Unverified Contracts

Exactly how much damage did this man do?

It seems that the EPA didn’t even bother to report any of the security lapses to the White House Office of Management and Budget as they are required to do by law. 2015 and 2016 were the two fiscal years the agency was run by Administrator Gina McCarthy.

The report pointed out that contractors without the necessary skills put the agency at risk for “compromised identities, or the potential for environmental data used to protect and improve human health and the environment being altered or erased.”

Near the end of the audit, the EPA has already begun to change their procedures. The agency told auditors “the agency had developed standard contract clauses to require contractor compliance with federal information security requirements, including the specialized training.” In addition, new contracts are being reviewed to ensure they contain the necessary language.

While changes are clearly needed, why did it take an audit to uncover such a massive failing of security protocols? Once again we are left to wonder exactly what Obama’s staff was doing because they certainly were not performing their jobs.

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