‘Paradise Every Day’ James Woods Celebrates Trump In Awesome Way That Will Enrage Liberals

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RWC News ‘Paradise Every Day’ James Woods Celebrates Trump In Awesome Way That Will Enrage Liberals

Hollywood actor James Woods has always been a Trump fan and ever since Trump was inaugurated he’s been having the time of his life. He wrote a barrage of hilarious tweets. He started with a link to a Fox article called “Mainstream media screams in pain as Trump becomes president (they know he beat them, too)” He also commented “It’s paradise every day”

There has been a video of a woman (?) screaming “NOOOOO!!!!!!” When Trump was announced to be the president of the United States. Woods tweeted “Whenever you need to smile… #MeltingSnowfkake pic.twitter.com/zeSosCN4Gf”

Woods then posted a photoshopped picture of Bill Clinton at the Women’s march wearing a “P***y hat” that many of the women were wearing. “I spent a year on a leash campaigning for a loser and all I got was this stupid hat…” #RapistBill” tweeted Woods.

“Seriously whatever happened to @TheDemocrats? When I was young they represented the working man and strong family values. Where did they go?” tweeted Woods. Was there ever a time like this? He tweeted a photoshopped picture of Michael Moore in a vagina costume and wrote “When message and messenger meld perfectly…”

He then tweeted a photo of feminists signs littered across the street and tweeted “And they leave their trash for somebody else to clean up… #NoSurprise @womensmarch” to see all of these tweets yourself and a lot more funny ones, click here.

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