Patriots Converge On DNC Headquarters To Demand Justice

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RWC News Patriots Converge On DNC Headquarters To Demand Justice

Protesters gathered outside the DNC headquarters in D.C. to highlight the mysterious circumstances of Seth Rich’s murder, one year ago.

Seth Rich was murdered barely over one year ago. On the anniversary of his death, protesters gathered outside the Democratic National Committee headquarters in Washington D.C. to demand long awaited answers and justice from liberals about the enigmatic slaughter of the DNC staffer.

Since he was gunned down in the streets of D.C., there has been weird, suspicious behavior from every authority involved in the investigation. People who’ve been asking legitimate questions about the incident have been stonewalled and labeled conspiracy theorists, including Fox journalist Sean Hannity.

Democrats at the DNC headquarters laughed at the people who gathered to commemorate Seth Rich’s murder. The 27-year-old voter expansion data director accepted a position with Hillary Clinton’s campaign shortly before his untimely death. The staffer allegedly used the name “panda” online, and has been connected with the 20,000 DNC emails released by wikileaks on the eve of the party’s presidential nomination.


Those emails were suppressed by liberal outlets like CNN. That network told Americans that only journalists had the right to see the information. Basically, the damming evidence wasn’t something the proletariat masses could legally view according to CNN.

Probably the network’s motive was covering up the extreme contempt, racism, and illegal activities engaged in by democrats. The DNC spent lots of time backpedaling too. Chairman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Shultz had to resign, and the committee still refuses to release the hacked servers. Many people believe they won’t give them up because it would prove that Rich was the original internal leaker, not an imaginary Russian.

RWC News Patriots Converge On DNC Headquarters To Demand Justice

Many people don;t accept the shoddy, troubling information that’s been given about Rich’s murder, including Sean Hannity.

In fact, Rich was slaughtered only a few days before the scandal broke.


The protesters see much to concern them over the year-long course of denials, destroyed evidence and a bogus investigation. One attendee from Virginia said that the “hit” was fairly obvious considering the circumstances. Another D.C. resident explained that in all the years she’d been living in the town, she’d never seen a “mugging” where the attackers didn’t take the money and valuables of the victim.

However, that’s exactly what’s being reported about Seth Rich’s murder. The Metropolitan Police Department has described the killing as a “botched robbery.” The DNC staffer was shot twice in the back, but his wallet, credit cards, watch, and phone were still in his possession when authorities arrived at the scene.

RWC News Patriots Converge On DNC Headquarters To Demand Justice

Seth Rich was suspiciously murdered a few days before wikileaks posted 20,000 DNC emails that showed their racism and hatred of minorities.

Moreover, none of the body cams located on police and medical officials have been released, something that never happens in a murder case. The name of the attending physician who signed the death certificate and even the hospital where he was taken have been withheld.


Considering the hype concerning the fake Russia hacking in combination with a DNC worker being gunned down on the way home from work, it seems logical that law enforcement would have investigated the bar where Rich was last seen alive. Or, maybe even viewed closed circuit recordings of the fatal night. The FBI and MPD haven’t done any of that.

Since no one seems concerned with the mysterious investigation, a number of people have taken it upon themselves to protest and keep the story from fading away. A group of forensic pathology graduate students and instructors from George Washington University developed a Profiling Project of the events. Their conclusions are startling.

According to the Project, Rich’s death does not appear to be a random homicide, or a robbery gone wrong. It found that he was likely killed by a serial murderer or a hired assassin, and that there is additional video footage that hasn’t been considered. The group said that the killer(s) is most likely walking free in the city, and prosecuting individuals have been hindering the investigation actively and passively.

RWC News Patriots Converge On DNC Headquarters To Demand Justice

Patriots want answers about the death, which investigators have never provided.

The Project further discovered that the crime scene “was very organized to the point of being sanitized.”


The story continues to be ignored by liberal media and congress members. The protesters chanted that they just want “justice,” something that is apparently a foreign concept to democrats.

It seems glaringly obvious that Rich leaked the information about the DNC and Hillary, and simply became the most recent victim of her agenda. So far, there have been 54 adversaries suspiciously snuffed out in connection with her political career.

On the anniversary of Rich’s murder, protesters are hoping the guilty party will be brought to justice, or that some special prosecutor will be assigned to investigate the troubling cover up.

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