Pelosi Ignores Democrat Riots, Claims Trump Has Done Something To Inspire Chaos Above All Else

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RWC News Pelosi Ignores Democrat Riots, Claims Trump Has Done Something To Inspire Chaos Above All Else

According To House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Pictured), Trump Is Responsible For “Nothing Except Chaos”

In the past, a newly elected President of the United States would create the most amount of action in his first 100 days in office. That is the reason that news stations like CNN always have the first 100 days ticker going on at the bottom of the screen.

As of right now, President has been in office nearly 50 days. He has created a lot of executive orders affecting immigration, border security, etc. and most of them were from the areas he promised to reform on the campaign trail. As expected, the Democrats haven’t been in favor of these orders.

They have made that abundantly clear, with all the comments that Democratic Party leaders have made to the public. Virtually every notable party member, from Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has spoken out against Trump’s orders. However, arguably the most active Democrat against the President has been House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).


Pelosi has been adamantly against President Trump ever since the days leading up to the election. Now that he has been in the Oval Office, she has used her position to slam every single action that he has signed or talked about signing.

On Tuesday morning, Pelosi went on “CBS This Morning” and discussed how Trump “has created nothing except chaos.” However, Pelosi seems to ignore the fact that Trump hasn’t been out in the streets rioting and disturbing the lives of peaceful citizens. That would be Democratic voters “protesting.”

RWC News Pelosi Ignores Democrat Riots, Claims Trump Has Done Something To Inspire Chaos Above All Else

Pelosi Conveniently Forgets About The Numerous Riots Created By Democratic Voters

Of course the Democrats think that they have done nothing wrong. Considering all the big news of the wiretapping scandal from former President Barack Obama, it was only natural that Pelosi be asked about that. She was asked, and deflected it into another attempt to slam President Trump.


“Once again, the president doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Because, first of all, a president can’t do that. Maybe he’s projecting that’s something he would like to do, but that isn’t what President Obama did or could do … So why would he do such a thing? He is the deflector in chief. He wants to deflect that there’s a Russian connection, personal or political, financial to him. He wants to deflect that his ban is unpopular on Muslims coming in the country. He wants to deflect the fact that he has no jobs bill, no infrastructure bill, nothing.”

Pelosi couldn’t be more wrong if she tried. President Obama has been caught wiretapping people before. In fact, he was wiretapping political leaders in other countries! If he was wiretapping other political leaders, why wouldn’t he wiretap his political opponents?

As for his travel ban, it’s like Pelosi forgets that these are known terrorist hot spots. Terrorists would LOVE to get into this country to cause damage to the nation. All President Trump wants to do is protect the United States citizens from harm. If Pelosi and the other Democrats can’t see that, then they’re lost.

She later added, “What has he created? He has created nothing except chaos. I think he is a deflector, as I say, in chief. He changes the subject, throws red meat to his base. But, you know what? He’s in charge. He’s responsible. He should be held accountable for what he does and not be passed off as he’s a newcomer or something like that.”


RWC News Pelosi Ignores Democrat Riots, Claims Trump Has Done Something To Inspire Chaos Above All Else

Pelosi Will Speak Out Against Trump Every Chance She Gets

The only reason that Trump’s orders have created chaos is because of the liberal’s inability to accept that he is the President of the United States. It really seems like every time Trump comes out with a new order, there are people there ready to protest.

However, the liberals’ idea of protesting turns into rioting and puts innocent people in danger. It’s literally anything BUT peaceful. Does Pelosi mention that? Of course she doesn’t, because it would be going against the Democratic narrative.

There have been several protests, later riots, which have occurred during Trump’s brief presidency. Consider his Inauguration for example. Over 200 people were arrested on rioting charges, and all that occurred was the swearing in ceremony of the new President. How is that Trump’s fault?

RWC News Pelosi Ignores Democrat Riots, Claims Trump Has Done Something To Inspire Chaos Above All Else

Would Pelosi Like To Explain How These Riots From Democrats Are Trump’s Fault?


It’s not. It’s the fault of liberal voters that couldn’t accept the fact that they lost. Unfortunately their leaders in the Democratic Party aren’t condoning these actions either. They’re adding fuel to the fire by opposing Trump every chance that they get. In other words, the liberals are just replicating what they see in Washington, just on a violent scale.

Pelosi is one of those Democrats that challenges Trump at every chance she gets. Although most of the time she wants to say something against him, or his appointees, Pelosi makes herself look incredibly foolish. The best example would be when she was caught spreading a fake tweet on the floor. The worst part was that she thought it was real.

Pelosi has also been caught talking into a microphone without realizing that it was still on. She has done this multiple times, including telling a congressman to mention that he was a. It’s a little unnerving that a member of Congress would stoop this low, but that is Pelosi for you.

Share this article to show everyone that once again, Pelosi has decided to go and badmouth President Trump. She claims that he “has created nothing except chaos,” yet doesn’t mention that the reason for this chaos is because of all the opposition he faces. It’s not Trump’s fault that liberals riot. Why should he be blamed for their actions?

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