People Found Something Humiliating In North Korea’s “Special Forces” Pic, Can You See It?

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Now that President is U.S. President and not China-appeasing Barack Hussein Obama, North Korea and its dictator Kim Jong Un are clearly hot under the collar. After all, Trump’s lack of deference to China signals that America is finally willing to get tough on rogue state North Korea.

Kim Jong Un was recently gravely embarrassed when he attempted to fire off new rockets in a show of force against America, and the rockets ended up failing. However, sharp-eyed people who took a close look at photos of the military that preceded the rocket test noticed something that’s even more humiliating to North Korea.

The images released by North Korea’s state-owned media showed row after row of North Korean soldiers, outfitted with rifles with what look like grenade launchers fitted into them, plus helmets, sunglasses and night vision goggles. Stated the videotaped event’s TV commentator, “Once Supreme Commander Kim Jong-un issues an order, they will charge with resolve to thrust a sword through the enemy’s heart like lighting over Mt. Paektu.”

When military equipment analysts took a closer look at the photos, however, they saw something far less intimidating. They noted that these soldiers, who may very well just be extras hired for a one-day production, are using outmoded gear from the era of the Soviet Union.

The rifles, for example, are cheap copies of AK-47s made in North Korea that have poor ballistics, and their sidearms are CZ 75 semiautomatic pistols, which are at least forty years old and were manufactured in Czechoslovakia, a country that no longer exists. Do you think this is proof that North Korea’s military efforts are a big fraud?

RWC News People Found Something Humiliating In North Korea’s “Special Forces” Pic, Can You See It?

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