“Person With No Conscience”: Police Arrest Man As Details Of Horrible Attack Released

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RWC News “Person With No Conscience”: Police Arrest Man As Details Of Horrible Attack Released

Police have captured the felon who gunned down five co-workers at a Maryland business yesterday and shot one other man in Delaware. Radee Prince is in custody being held on a $2 million cash bond while waiting for extradition back to Maryland.

In a horrible workplace retaliation murder rampage, a gunman opened fire at a Maryland business yesterday, killing three people and sending two other into critical condition. A 10-hour manhunt that spanned more than one state ensued, but authorities captured Radee Prince last night after he shot a man at a used car lot in Wilmington, Delaware.

Police spokeswoman Karen Lancaster declinced to release details on the two survivors’ injuries, but told reporters that they were at the University of Maryland R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center this morning.

Wilmington Police Chief Robert Tracy spoke at a news conference Wednesday night about the capture. He said that police and federal agents apprehended Prince after they spotted him in a Glasgow neighborhood.


RWC News “Person With No Conscience”: Police Arrest Man As Details Of Horrible Attack Released

The 10 hour manhunt ended last night when authorities were alerted to Prince’s SUV near a Delaware school.

Prince parked his SUV near a Delaware high school, and a resident notified authorities. When officers approached the killer, he ran about 75 feet, throwing away a gun during the pursuit.

“I even get chills talking about it because I know what it’s like when we do hunt individuals that are desperate,” Tracy said.

“This is a person with no conscience,” he added.


RWC News “Person With No Conscience”: Police Arrest Man As Details Of Horrible Attack Released

Law enforcement officials said that he had “no conscience.” Prince had been arrested 42 times before and witnesses say the felon was “always angry.”

He explained that the attack was premeditated and that Prince knew each of the victims, but no motive has been released. Bayarsaikhan Tudev, 53, of Virginia; Jose Hidalgo Romero, 34, of Aberdeen, Maryland; and Enis Mrvoljak, 48, of Dundalk, Maryland were identified as the slain co-workers.

Prince has a lengthy court record and history of workplace violence, gun charges, and probation problems. He is a convicted felon with 42 arrests in Delaware. The violent man was fired from JPS Marble and Granite in Maryland earlier this year for punching a co-worker. His employer tried to get a restraining order against him.

Philip Siason told the court, “He came to see me, cursed and yelled at me about unemployment benefits. I felt very threatened because he is a big guy and very aggressive on me.” Saison added he “didn’t want to wait” until Prince became physically violent.


RWC News “Person With No Conscience”: Police Arrest Man As Details Of Horrible Attack Released

One former employer tried to get a restraining order placed on Prince after he was fired from that job early this year. The judge said that the burden of proof hadn’t been met.

However, a Harford County District Court judge denied granting the order, saying the case didn’t meet the required burden of proof.

Many people wonder if the recent slaying would provide enough proof for a judge?

Prince was working at Advanced Granite Solutions when he gunned down five co-workers on Wednesday.

RWC News “Person With No Conscience”: Police Arrest Man As Details Of Horrible Attack Released

Prince will face murder charges in Maryland and attempted murder charged in Delaware.


A widow of one of the slain men told reporters that her husband was so worried about Prince that he had brought up prayer requests at church. She said that her husband told her Prince was always angry. The legal immigrants were living “the American Dream” she said.

The man hunt for the repeat offender began after the shooting, but Prince was on his way to Delaware to shoot the used car dealer. The man was wounded, but able to identify his attacker.

Police patrolled the I95 corridor from Maryland to Philadelphia and officers were stationed at every median between Edgewood and Wilmington. Highway signs flashed Prince’s vehicle information, including the license plate number, and Governor Larry Hogan explained that helicopters circled the area searching for the 2008 GMC Acadia.

Prince was charged with attempted murder in Delaware, possession of a firearm and other weapons charges, but Maryland police will likely ask for his transfer back to that state for prosecution of the three dead co-workers.

Prince is being held on $2 million cash bond after his arraignment this morning.

Many people wonder why a man who had been arrested 42times was out on the streets. The career criminal should have been working for the corrections department for the rest of his life, not allowed to continue his violent lifestyle which culminated in these horrific execution style murders.

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