Police Forced To Go Full SWAT On Naked Man Circling Church

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RWC News Police Forced To Go Full SWAT On Naked Man Circling Church

Las Vegas authorities have released footage of a local police officer shooting a naked man in the back as he lunnged for a pistol. The man, 25-year-old Jason Funke, is expected to survive.

A Las Vegas police officer was forced to shoot a fleeing suspect recently as the man lunged for a pistol that he’d previously dropped. The stressful exchange was caught on camera. Jason Funke, 25, alarmed officers after they found him naked and raving at local church. Funke, who appeared to be oblivious to officers’ commands, clutched a gun and walked back and forth in front of the church.

Multiple specialized teams arrived to attempt to curtail the danger. A helicopter zoomed overhead filming Funke’s movements while a ground SWAT team brought a trained a dog. They attempted to reason with Funke for more than a minute until he seemingly relents.

Funke drops his gun, places his hands on his head, and starts strolling toward officers. In the video, someone wonders if the gun should be snatched before Funke can go back to it. The suggestion was ultimately ignored as officers worried about putting themselves in the crosshairs.


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Without a word Funke drops his hands, turns around, and starts sprinting back towards the gun. An officer fires immediately, hitting him in the shoulder. Funke was rushed to a nearby hospital and later charged with two gross misdemeanors.

Las Vegas authorities were smart to release the video. The case had all the making of one that would drive the left bonkers. The suspect was unarmed and obviously so. He was also shot in the back. Someone who was provided with just those facts and nothing else might believe that cops were wrong to shoot him.

The video dispels those thoughts because it’s clear that Funke was running back toward his gun. He was not only at a church, but a church that was located inside a school. He could have seriously injured someone.


Funke has no previous criminal record, prompting some to say that he was attempting suicide by cop. If that’s true, his plan didn’t work. He’s in stable condition and doctors say that he will survive his injuries.

The Daily Mail reports:

A second video, taken from the bodycam of Officer Mark Hatten, shows what went down beneath the canopy of foliage. Funke turns and runs, and the K-9 officer lets his dog off – but it immediately turns around and attacks a third cop…the dog only bit that cop on the belt buckle. Hatten, meanwhile, continues unhindered, chasing after Funke, who is still sprinting after the gun. He fires a single shot and Funke falls, with the police dog – redirected by its handler – closing in to grab him.”

RWC News Police Forced To Go Full SWAT On Naked Man Circling Church

Funke’s bizarre behavior may be explained by drugs or mental illness as the young man has no previous criminal history. Luckily no one besides himself was injured by his stunt and he has only been charged with a misdemeanor.


The only creature who made a mistake besides Funke is the dog, and it’s tough to say the animal did anything wrong. The dog had no idea that it was chasing a man who might hurt people. It’s simply an animal that became a bit confused during a high pressure situation.

According to Newsweek “as many as 2,902 people in America have been shot and killed by officers since (Michael) Brown’s death. There is some possibility that there may be more or less deaths than Fatal Encounters has listed in their database….While the Bureau of Justice Statistics and the FBI does collect information regarding deaths caused by police from local and state agencies, the data is extremely limited. Police agencies only have to report police-caused homicides voluntarily, so there is a chance that deaths in some cities and towns go undocumented. Not to mention, reports of deaths caused by police don’t necessarily have to mention that an officer was involved”

Liberals seem to think that there’s a big cop-killing conspiracy. Cops are killing people, particularly minorities, left and right and getting away with it because they’re shielded by their badge. This is simply untrue. 2,902 people may have been fatally shot by cops in the past three years, but that number is meaningless on its own. If Funke had died his killing would have been shuffled into the same statistic.

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