Police Investigate Disturbing Distribution of “Really Sick” Neighborhood Envelopes

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RWC News Police Investigate Disturbing Distribution of “Really Sick” Neighborhood Envelopes

Tempe police were called out after nine people reported the envelopes.

Police are investigating after several Tempe residents found child pornography in their mailboxes.

The incident came to light Saturday afternoon after neighbors in the 9th Street and Farmer Avenue area reported receiving a white envelope in their mailbox with the word “neighbor” written on it. It did not have a return address.

The envelope contained a flyer for an event with a phone number and address on it. It also contained highly disturbing pictures of children.

Tempe police said Saturday that they received three phone calls from residents who received the flyer. Officers then went door-to-door in the neighborhood and collected nine envelopes.

A resident in the area who wanted only to be identified as James says he is among several neighbors who received the envelope.

“I’m a little sickened to my stomach; having something like that frightens me,” James explained. “I have a job, I have a life — I don’t like this in my home.”

Another woman, who did not want to be identified, said she was shocked when she opened her mail on Saturday.

“It’s either kids being jerks and making a prank on somebody and doesn’t realize how bad the consequences are going to be,” she said. “Or, there is really sick people near this neighborhood and that doesn’t make me feel safe.”

According to officials, the pictures used in this incident are “known images” and were previously distributed prior to the most recent occurrence. At this time, they do not believe any children are in danger. However, they’re continuing to look into the case.

Anyone who has received the flyer or has information about the suspect who created it is urged to contact Tempe police.

H/T: ABC 15 Phoenix

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