Rare Pennies Worth $85,000 Still in Circulation. Do You Have One?

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What do you do with your pennies? I collect mine but usually don’t ever actually sort through them to see if I have any really old ones.

I should sort through them though, and most likely will begin doing so after learning about all of these rare, almost priceless pennies that are still in circulation. Copper pennies from 1943, for instance, are some of the most valuable coins on the market, they may look just like normal pennies but are worth much more than one cent.RWC News Rare Pennies Worth $85,000 Still in Circulation. Do You Have One?

You see, pennies from 1943 have a small mistake on them from the printing process, during this time the US tried out stainless steel instead of copper but some of the coins were still printed on copper by accident. This makes them even more valuable. The stainless steel pennies are also worth more than one cent but not as much as the copper penny. However, with that being said, anything over one cent is wonderful, right?

They were mistaken for dimes frequently during the time they were in circulation and because of this and a rusting issue the government did all they could in hopes of removing all of them from circulation, while there are still a few out there they are about just as rare as 1943 copper pennies. The copper pennies I mentioned above can be worth around $85,000! If you have a 1943 penny you want to check to see if it is copper put it to a magnet. If it is not attracted to the magnet then you have got yourself a diamond in the ruff.

The condition of the coin doesn’t even matter as much, even the ones that look like they have been through hell and back are worth something. Sorting through your piggy bank doesn’t take much time and can benefit you greatly depending on what you find.

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