Research Proving Marijuana Cures Cancer Has Been Covered Up Since 1974

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If you still deny the medicinal use of cannabis then you must be living under a rock. There has been a mass amount of research that proves cannabis might be one of the most effective medicines of all time – it’s just been covered up for more than 40 years.

For the past few years, cannabis has been a very controversial topic in society. Many RWC News Research Proving Marijuana Cures Cancer Has Been Covered Up Since 1974  people deny the medical benefits of this incredible herb but that doesn’t stop research from proving them wrong. However, that didn’t keep them from covering it up. Something else that is just as prevalent as the marijuana debate is cancer. More people are suffering from cancer than ever, at about 600,000 American people suffering from it at this very moment. The truth is, marijuana doesn’t only have an outstanding medicinal effect, but it can even cure cancer. One particular researcher who tried to spread the word is Rick Simpson. Rick went all through Canada trying to spread the word of his newly found use for cannabis oil and the cures he had discovered. However, the cancer industry wasn’t going to let it happen. If it cures cancer then that means there is less money for them, and that’s a no go for such greedy bastards in the pharmaceutical industry.

Rick was growing hemp and making the cannabis oil on his land and sharing it without cost to those who needed it. He first discovered the amazing benefits when he cured his own skin cancer and a neurological head condition after he suffered a head injury. After sharing his discovery many people in his town were cured of several disorders such as lung cancer. However, it did no good when it came to convincing the cancer industry, which forced him to move to Amsterdam. To this day Rick Simpson travels the world spreading the wonderful benefits of marijuana.

The best part about marijuana and cancer is that it can effectively kill cancer cells without harming the healthy ones. It induces a state of apoptosis in which the cancer cell self-destructs, leaving healthy ones alone. One example that has been covered up since 1974 was a toddler who was suffering from an inoperable brain tumor. The baby was given cannabis oil through a pacifier and it allowed for the shrinking of the brain tumor without the deadly effects of chemotherapy and cancer treatment. The child was completely cured of his brain cancer within eight months, causing him to be labeled as the ‘miracle baby’.

In the video below, you can see the report of the same child and witness his amazing recovery and brain scans! How did something like this not get out? The only media that reported it was the Huffington Post which ideally kept it from ever getting out! What do you think? I know one thing; if I ever obtained cancer I would seek CBD oil before I ever considered chemotherapy or radiation.

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