Research Reveals Apple’s Devious Strategy To Get You To Buy The Newest iPhone

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Cell phones have virtually taken over the world and they’re getting smarter and smarter as we go on. iPhone’s are the most popular phone out there, and a new study might confirm what many iPhone users already believe to be true.

Almost everyone out there has an iPhone or at least some kind of smart phone. Society is adapting to technology so rapidly that it makes it nearly impossible to keep up without it. iPhones are the most sold phones in the entire world, and many people believe Apple has been using some sketchy tactics to sell their products. When iPhones first came out they would last a typical 3-5 years, but that’s before they started to glitch and malfunction. These days, if you are using the newer models of the iPhone, you are lucky to get anything more than 2 years out of them, and by that point, you will without a doubt have a busted screen.

You might notice that your iPhone starts to act up, malfunction, or glitch right around the time the new iPhone is coming out. This happens to many people, including myself. I purchased the brand new special edition Jet Black 128GB iPhone 7 in February. That’s been eight months and it is glitching and malfunctioning worse than any iPhone I’ve had – and they all did the same thing. There were a lot of them too. I’m not the only one this happens to either. Many people complain of the same problem.

There are massive amounts of tweets and internet circulation going on by people speculating that apple is sabotaging their own devices to convince us to upgrade to the next one. So much so, that Harvard University student Laura Trucco organized a study to analyze the theory. She analyzed and monitored worldwide web searches for “iphone slow”. A simple approach to finding some numbers – you’d think. The results were horrifying. They showed a massive spike just in time for the latest iPhone launch.

RWC News Research Reveals Apple’s Devious Strategy To Get You To Buy The Newest iPhone

The study then compared the searches for a slow iPhone to the searches for a slow galaxy. They compared the search results of “Samsung Galaxy slow” with “iPhone slow” searches. The results from the Samsung galaxy showed that the searches were unaffected by the release date of the newest Samsung product.

RWC News Research Reveals Apple’s Devious Strategy To Get You To Buy The Newest iPhone

Harvard professor of economics, Sendhil Mullainathan labeled the study conclusions as “striking”, he went on to say, “Wouldn’t many business owners love to make their old product less useful whenever they released a newer one? When you sell the device and control the operating system, that’s an option.”

The Managing Director of UK based IOS experts, Dom Ferkin disagrees with the theory.

He explained:

“On every hardware release they tend to upgrade the chips and they are faster every time they are released.

“Each year they release a new iOS. If you’re running an iOS 7 on a 5 chip, for example, it’s comparable to running Windows XP on a Windows 95 machine.

“It’s just enough to annoy the users, but it’s needed if you want the slew of new features that Apple releases each year.”

I love my iPhone and I love the IOS operating system. However, I’ll be switching to a Samsung Galaxy soon. It’s just not worth it to have your device crash every time they release a new product. I truly believe apple is undergoing these tactics. Do you?

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