Restaurant Patron Becomes Hero As Armed Gunman Rushes Venue, Killing Manager

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RWC News Restaurant Patron Becomes Hero As Armed Gunman Rushes Venue, Killing Manager

Zona Caliente, the sports bar attacked by James Jones (pictured above).

One of the most important additions to the Constitution is the Second Amendment. It gives people the right to protect themselves and their loved ones. Unfortunately, many on the left want it repealed. They don’t seem to understand that guns help protect law-abiding citizens from dangerous criminals.

For example, a man with a concealed weapon recently saved countless lives at a restaurant in Texas by killing a deranged criminal who stormed in and murdered the restaurant’s manager. Despite stories like this, liberals want to make it illegal to carry a concealed firearm. However, if they got their way and no one else had a gun, many other people could’ve possibly lost their life.

According to reports, James Jones, 48, stormed into a Texas sports bar armed with a firearm and started shouting strange, incoherent statements. When the establishment’s manager, Cesar Perez, tried to de-escalate the situation, Jones killed him. Fortunately, he was not the only person armed with a gun. One of the patrons had a concealed handgun and opened fire, shooting him to death before he could harm anyone else.


RWC News Restaurant Patron Becomes Hero As Armed Gunman Rushes Venue, Killing Manager

Friends and family hold a vigil for Cesar Perez, the slain restaurant manager.

After the threat was eliminated, the police were called. When they arrived at the scene, they searched Jones’ dead body and discovered that he was armed with an additional firearm and two knives.  It’s not clear yet whether or not Jones had any mental issues or was on any drugs.

Chris Cook, the Arlington Police Chief, claimedthat if he wasn’t stopped, Jones “definitely had the capacity, if he wanted, to commit further violence and potentially kill other patrons in the business.” When asked about the person who saved the day, he told reporters that “[he] decided to engage the shooter because he wanted to prevent further loss of life.” Since he has a license to carry a concealed firearm and was obviously acting in self-defense, he won’t be facing any charges.

RWC News Restaurant Patron Becomes Hero As Armed Gunman Rushes Venue, Killing Manager

Arlington police investigate an attack at Zona Caliente, a sports bar.


This is not the only time a gun saved the day. Earlier this year, a burglar armed with a handgun ran into Convenient Food Mart and attempted a robbery. Thankfully, one of the employees in the back grabbed the store’s handgun and stopped him. Also, just recently, a gun-owning resident in Oklahoma shot and killed three armed intruders attempting to break into his house. And in Las Vegas, an armed burglar who tried to break into a house was shot dead by the homeowner. Without a gun, the victims of each of these crimes would’ve been helpless to defend themselves.

Liberals want to make these kinds of incidents worse. They believe that it’s dangerous to let people carry a concealed firearm in public and want to prohibit it. They argue that passing stricter gun laws and making it more difficult to get licenses helps stop situations like this from happening. But Jones didn’t have a license for either gun in his possession. Since he acquired his weapons illegally, he wouldn’t be affected by a change in the law. However, if they got rid of concealed carry licenses, which is what they want to do, then no one would’ve been able to stop him from killing even more people. Fortunately, someone did, in fact, have a weapon. Thanks to him, the loss of life was kept to a minimum.

To push back against the left’s attempt to disarm Americans, the National Rifle Association (NRA) recently launched a training course designed specifically for people with concealed carry permits. The program, known as the “NRA Carry Guard,” was designed by former Navy SEALs. It teaches gun-owners specific tactics for self-defense shooting, the mindset of a concealed carrier, and the relevant laws. It also provides members with insurance in case they shoot someone in self-defense. Programs like this help make sure that if the moment arises, a licensed gun-owner can effectively handle the situation, without hesitation.

RWC News Restaurant Patron Becomes Hero As Armed Gunman Rushes Venue, Killing Manager

Gun-owners learning how to properly handle a firearm.

Despite the many examples, liberals refuse to accept the fact that law-abiding citizens armed with guns make the world a safer place. If Jones had not been stopped immediately after killing Perez, it’s likely many others would’ve been murdered. Republicans must do everything they can to ensure that the left does not infringe on our right to bear arms any more than they already have.

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