Ronan Farrow Exposes Pressure Used To Bury Weinstein Story

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RWC News Ronan Farrow Exposes Pressure Used To Bury Weinstein Story

Ronan Farrow spills the beans on the networks protecting Harvey Weinstein!

Reporter Ronan Farrow, daughter of Mia and…Woody Allen…was key to breaking the Harvey Weinstein story wide open. But he now reveals that he’s been shopping the story around New York for quite some time, only to have the door slammed in his face.

Everybody from NBC to the New York Times declined to run the explosive sex scandal, which implicates far-left Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein in a long string of rapes and assaults.

Farrow says his story has been airtight since day one, and he has no idea why the story was squashed by the big news networks. But he was personally sued by Weinstein related to his reporting on the story, demonstrating the bullying and intimidation that Weinstein is known for.


During the past two years, we’ve been bombarded with liberal media messaging in support of Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s globalist agenda. A huge portion of the financing, direction, and distribution of that propaganda came directly through Weinstein. While he was sticking his thumb in the eye of middle America, producing anti-White agitprop for the feminized masses, his private life was rife with sleazy and misogynistic practices (allegedly).

RWC News Ronan Farrow Exposes Pressure Used To Bury Weinstein Story

Yikes! Harvey Weinstein holds a very young Emma Watson in a possessive death grip!

It’s high time these Hollywood hypocrites were called out for their two-faced moral charade.

Listen to Ronan break it down:

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