Self-Proclaimed Witches Gather In California Park…To “Hex” President Trump & Call Him A “Fool”

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RWC News Self-Proclaimed Witches Gather In California Park…To “Hex” President Trump & Call Him A “Fool”

Trump is facing “witches” who wish to put a hex on him.

With April Fool’s Day now behind us, the really fun time of the year comes. Now is when the videos of people being pranked, tricked, scared and fooled all come out. The aftermath of April Fool’s Day is the best part of it, and it can last months, depending on how the videos and news trickle in.

Some say that the history of the day’s foolery is tied to Noah releasing a dove post-flood, but before the waters had died down. Others say that it was based upon the idea that some Asian nations celebrated New Year’s on April 1st. Since no one else did so after the change in calendars, they were said to be “April Fool’s.” Many other interpretations are common, too, but nowhere were MORE fools common on their holiday than in Balboa Park, California.

Jesters the world over were upstaged by some foolhardy “witches” that descended at “high noon” to “hex” Donald Trump. There were over a dozen of the broom riders seen by 10News reporter Jessica Chen, as they were attempting to use the “art” of witchcraft to impeach the president. The event was called, “Fire the Fool San Diego,” as some paraded around in what looked like Dollar Store purchased black hat costumes mixed with a witches brew of pretentious strutting. They danced around a makeshift cauldron in an act that, if a Christian did it, would be called a”mockery” of their “religion.”


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Just the same, in defense of witches (for it is their free will to be as they wish), this was less of a religious gathering rather than a misdirection of typical conservative hatred. A “real” witch would have even laughed at them until tears came down from their eyes. This can be seen because, for one thing, it was only done because President Trump is a Christian.

If were a witch, then these same people would be out marching with Christian crosses and chanting the “The Lord’s Prayer” instead of “Trump is a fool, Trump is a clown, we are here to shut him down.” They would, of course, know no more about Jesus Christ than they do about the Wiccan beliefs that they have seemingly embraced here because there is no depth to these protesters, only hatred. That can produce nothing of worth in any religion, or even lack thereof.

This is obvious since most Pagan’s will be quick to tell everyone that “there’s a giant Cosmic Force that will make sure your deeds are revisited upon you threefold. It’s universally guaranteed, some Pagans claim, which is why you better not EVER perform any harmful magic… or at least, that’s what they tell you,” according to Thought dot com. Some even say that such evil actions return seven, or even tenfold. The wrench in the machine is that some witches, it goes on to say, can ignore facts that they dislike and be fine. “However, one could argue that Rule of Three only applies to members of traditions who follow it,” they say. This would be like ignoring the fire risk when smoking on a bale of hay, for if what they claim is true, then they are in for a LOT of grief just for TRYING to do this to Trump.


RWC News Self-Proclaimed Witches Gather In California Park…To “Hex” President Trump & Call Him A “Fool”

This witch marcher seems confused on who should stay, according to her hat that says, “Make America Native Again.” Since NO ONE has accused Trump of being anti-Native, what does that mean?

Let us pretend to agree with them. Let us imagine that they all form their evil pledge, and faster than a scurrying black cat in their path, Trump gets ousted from office. One wonders how many witches who do buy into such April foolery have debated about how nice it will be when that ol’ “Cosmic Force” comes to take their jobs threefold. Even Buddhists believe in this as something that is a fact, as do most religions. It can only be imagined that the welfare rolls will blossom like spring flowers in Japan as they wonder “what happened.” This is why Christian’s prayed for Obama even if they detested him, for it is always better, they feel, to send a blessing to someone to do what is right than to curse them for not doing so.

This concept of being more hopeful than hateful is something that is logical to most people, even those who claim no faith at all. This inspiring idea was lost on those in Balboa Park. It makes more sense, an atheist would say, to actively fix a broken car than to hit it with a hammer for not running. Rather than open themselves to such ideas, these Pagans declared things like what participant Mary Lou Finley said. She stated, “It’s incredible that anyone could be so stupid as to do so many things that are hurtful to the American people.” Somehow to her, stopping the TPP from stealing her job was “stupid” and “harmful,” as she tried to remove Trump from HIS job. The irony is almost physically painful.

RWC News Self-Proclaimed Witches Gather In California Park…To “Hex” President Trump & Call Him A “Fool”

The biggest problem is not a few Pagans, but that ALL things anti-Christian are being promoted in the culture.


Rather than wish him to conform to her prayers or “offerings,” (which would be terrifying), one marcher held a sign that said, “I hex DT to protect America.” Another wore a mocking hat that read, “Make America Native Again.” This is particularly funny because many of the marchers were not Native American. This meant that they could be sent packing too, perhaps? Some would argue that is making America “Native” again by protecting those that are here legally or born here (i.e., natives). The hat made little sense in the context of the march, but then again, it was a witches gathering in a park, so that must be kept firmly in mind.

According to 10News, “The event was organized by Ground Zero Players and required participants to attend a rehearsal and ‘witch curtain call.’” This shows that they had, thankfully, no idea what they were even doing. They were there to offend Trump supporters, most of which are likely immune to such deeds by now. They would have been lucky to get a rolling of the eyes as they had people sign up to “hex.”  Still, when compounded with a recent Startpage search (done for this article) that showed endless plans and instructions for “Hexing Donald Trump,” it must be wondered just what has happened to our nation.

RWC News Self-Proclaimed Witches Gather In California Park…To “Hex” President Trump & Call Him A “Fool”

Many feel that there is a war on all things traditional in America.

Not because Pagan’s need to be scoffed at (well, these one’s do), for they too are free in America to exist, but because our whole level of decency is missing. Even some who claim to walk a Christian path are spewing folly, such as seen by Jerry Brown in California who unwrapped his Bible from the basement long enough to condemn Trump.

For some reason, no matter what religion one is or if one has NO religion at all, the simple act of wishing someone to change has been replaced by wishing someone harmed, fired, or dead. Some who walked by called it “refreshing.” If that is the America that we have become, then there is no God who is likely to listen to any of us.

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