Senator Campbell Busted As She Tries To Use Her Position To Get The Juice On

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RWC News Senator Campbell Busted As She Tries To Use Her Position To Get The Juice On

Did this Senator try and put herself to the top of list out of need or greed? Some in Florida say greed.

During times that disaster strikes with fury, everyone wants it to end as quickly as possible. When Hurricane Irma beat unmercifully on Florida recently, the power was lost to many homes. Still, Senator Daphne Campbell, a North Miami Beach Democrat, felt that her family deserved to be put to the front of the line ahead of everyone else when it came to getting the juice back.

This is known thanks to facts published by Click Orlando as they point out that the crafty politician tried “to use her Florida Power & Light connection” and status to make sure that her electric was restored pronto. As for the unwashed masses, they could fend for themselves, but she was a Senator, after all.


It is enough to make one’s blood boil!

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Campbell attempted this scheme by contacting the power company’s Vice President John Holley and giving to him the address of her sister and mother.

I am helping people, helping constituents with some of their lights,” she told a local outlet. “I have done nothing wrong for all this, news, news, news.”


We all understand that her intent was to use her position to help her family and that is actually not that hard to understand. Still, considering the levels of unrest that so many suffered following the deluge, the outrage is also to be expected.

Rise was the first outlet to get the Senator to confirm what she had done in text. When her sister’s house was not on by the second day, Campbell texted a second time and even added her mother to the list when she did.

RWC News Senator Campbell Busted As She Tries To Use Her Position To Get The Juice On

There were a lot of people who also needed the power on yet they were expected to wait as Senator Campbell’s family got tended to, reports say.

I am positive that she did not receive special treatment,” said FPL spokesperson Mark Bubriski. While that may be true, some would argue that she certainly tried to.


The Senator did also ask for regular constituents to be sent to the top of the list, too. Also, to be fair, her mother is on oxygen so it is not very likely that very many people reading this would not have done the same if the opportunity presented itself.

That said, there are not many of us reading this who would not expect a bit of wrath and justified envy, as well.

Sources: Click Orlando – Rise

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