SERIOUSLY?! Newest Feminist Lunacy, “Birth Rape”

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Uhhhhh….Liberal Feminists have really hit the looney-jackpot with this one!

What is “birth rape” you may be asking? It is apparently the “rape” that happens by OBGYNs and midwives as they deliver a baby. They are referring to it as rape because the doctors and nurses are touching the woman (to deliver the baby) while she is in a vulnerable position.


Here is how Birth Traumas Truth describes it :

A vulnerable woman, who is powerless to leave the situation, is at times held down against her will, has strangers looking & touching at private parts of her body, perhaps without appropriate measures being taken to acknowledge her ownership of her body or to preserve her comfort levels. Perhaps she has fingers or instruments inserted without her consent, and sometimes against her consent, invading and crossing decent boundaries. She is fearful of what is happening to her and perhaps for the wellbeing of her baby, and receives no reassurance that either she or her child are ok. That is a violation, no matter how you look at it. Even IF this treatment is given with no malice and the intent of attempting to assist her with birthing her child, there is NEVER a reason to forgo common decencies that will enable her to maintain a role in the birth, some autonomy over her body, to be involved in the decision-making, to be informed about what they want to do BEFORE they do it.

Okay, I totally get that birth can be traumatic, but rape? Really? Sorry, Feminazis, you’re going to have to find a different tree to bark up. This is just bull.

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