“Something Stinks,” Hannity And Tomi Lahren Expose What’s Suspicious About Media Reporting On Shooting

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RWC News “Something Stinks,” Hannity And Tomi Lahren Expose What’s Suspicious About Media Reporting On Shooting

Sean Hannity and Tomi Lahren went to Las Vegas and commented on the suspicious way that the mainstream media has been reporting the shooting. Instead of reporting on any of the facts of what has happened, they immediately made it political.

Tomi Lahren made the point that those who are “hellbent on murdering thousands of people” won’t care about breaking the law. Guest Kaya Jones agreed. “If you have evil intentions in your heart, you’re gonna find a way,” Jones said. “Criminals, terrorists, psychos – they don’t obey our laws. They don’t care about your gun control. When you have a gun free zone, you are neutering everyone there,” said Lahren.

“Here’s my question though. Why are we spending all of this time—not us, but others in the news and others in the celebrity sphere—why are they spending so much time analyzing what kind of guns he used, how many he had?” asked Lahren.

“I want to know more about him and more about his girlfriend. I want to know about the victims and their families,” asked Lahren. “Don’t you find there is something off here? Really off?” asked Hannity.

“Where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” said Lahren. “Usually in situations like this you know everything about the person. Every Facebook page they’ve ever been on, everyone they’ve ever known, and all of a sudden, all we’re talking about is the weapons he used and the firearms? No, something stinks,” said Lahren. Do you agree? Check out the video below.

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