Spicer Reminds Media That CIA Programs Exposed by WikiLeaks Happened Under Obama

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The liberal media’s attempts to tie WikiLeaks’ release of a treasure trove of documents detailing the surveillance activities of the CIA to President did not sit well this week with White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

Fielding inevitable questions about the WikiLeaks publication during his daily news briefing on Wednesday, Spicer wanted to make sure the reporters knew that the leaked documents related strictly to the former administration of President Barack Obama.

In particular, he was whether the hacking tools WikiLeaks revealed had ever been used against the American people.

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“(A)ll of these occurred under the last administration — that is important,” Spicer said, according to a White House transcript. “And I think it’s interesting to have it asked this way about the damage that could have occurred or what tools could be used in light of what’s been going on recently.”

Spicer than pivoted his attention to the way both Democrats and the media responded last year when WikiLeaks began publishing hacked emails from Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

“When it dealt with Hillary Clinton, there was complete outrage about the leaks that occurred, members calling for investigations into the leaks,” he said. “It’s interesting how there is sort of a double standard with when the leaks occur, how much outrage there is.”

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To be fair, the media acted more with apathy than outrage last year. When former campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails first surfaced last October, for instance, the media “devoted very little attention to” it, as noted by The Daily Caller. And later that same month, CNN presidential historian Douglas Brinkley claimed that voters were “tired” of hearing about Clinton’s email, according to NewsBusters.

Yet as of Thursday morning, nearly every liberal media outlet was talking about WikiLeaks’ latest release:

RWC News Spicer Reminds Media That CIA Programs Exposed by WikiLeaks Happened Under Obama

Spicer’s point, and it was a valid one, was that it all seems very disingenuous.

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It feels as if the left is trained to respond in different ways depending on how the news affects the people they like and dislike.

And well, that’s not very fair now, is it?

H/T U.K. Daily Mail

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