Students Line Up To Pay $56,000 Yearly Tuition…For The Opportunity To Confess Their “Privilege”

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RWC News Students Line Up To Pay $56,000 Yearly Tuition…For The Opportunity To Confess Their “Privilege”

So-called white affinity groups are growing in popularity across liberal college campuses.

Loyola University Chicago offers a club for white students who desire a “safe place” to rant about white privilege and institutional racism. Self-imposed white guilt is apparently a serious problem for students at the $56,199-a-year university.

The group glories in segregation, forcing potential members to endure a surprisingly involved application process. They’re known as R.A.W., or Ramblers Analyzing Whiteness. Membership is available only to those who “self-identify as white.”

“R.A.W. is an affinity group for White students who have passion for ending racism, who have anger and confusion about institutional racism, who have guilt and hope about internalized racism, and who have questions about race that they are afraid to ask,” reads the group’s online propaganda.

The concept is so ridiculous that it’s hard to believe it’s not satire. Discussions concerning race shouldn’t be confined to a certain time slot every week. Oh it’s 4:00p.m., time to go unload some white guilt!

Rampant liberalism infects American universities. Safe spaces are an idiotic idea to begin with but the concept completely loses coherence if you say that every group deserves one. What are students being protected from?

RWC News Students Line Up To Pay $56,000 Yearly Tuition…For The Opportunity To Confess Their “Privilege”

Young white liberals are adopting unusual methods to combat racism-like forming groups that exclude minorities.


In a long article published by the University of Pennsylvania, titled Becoming an Anti-Racist White Ally: How a White Affinity Group Can Help, the authors write: “In order to be full participants in interracial dialogues and multiracial communities,white people need to understand how racism privileges us, to recognize how racism injures our colleagues of color, and to consider our responsibility and role in responding to racism in our environment. Much of this work can be done in a white affinity group so that, in time, white people can be productive members of interracial conversations on race, rather than requiring constant and remediated attention.”

In other words, white “affinity” groups are organizations where entitled white liberals feel comfortable yammering to each other about race and privilege. But not their actual privileges, which include being enrolled at top-tier universities, instead members wail about white privilege.

There are real conversations to be had about race, but I doubt that white affinity groups are having them. Minority students attending universities are themselves among the privileged class. America is divided along class lines.

“Fourth, our group is a symbol to people of color at our school that there are white people who want to collaborate to end racism in our institution and in ourselves. No person of color asked us to form this group…We do this work because we believe that we need it and our school needs it,” the UPenn students continue.

RWC News Students Line Up To Pay $56,000 Yearly Tuition…For The Opportunity To Confess Their “Privilege”

College safe spaces hinder free speech.

“Speaking out about race is often much less risky for us than it is for people of color, and we can therefore be useful and strategic as allies in classrooms. Having a white affinity group on campus means that when students of color are mobilizing around issues of race, they know where to find willing white allies.”


Awfully presumptuous isn’t it? White affinity groups are composed of pretentious pseudo-intellectuals who desire to fight for a cause but can’t find a real one. If they’re really trying to fight racism, it’s odd that they’re limiting membership to white people.

Unsurprisingly the groups haven’t actually achieved anything.

American universities are warping their values in order to cater to coddled millennials. Students should be challenged in their opinions. Safe spaces shield young minds from dissenting opinions and it’s not healthy. School administrators are far too eager to indulge entitled students.

“As an affinity group, White Students Confronting Racism provides a space for white people to develop our racial identity while simultaneously becoming effective anti-racist allies to people of color. “White” is often ignored as a racial category, yet its members wield considerable power within American social institutions, including schools. Understanding white identity within the context of immigration is also important, as American whiteness is arguably unique,” the controversial article continues.


Racial justice can only be achieved by working together. A bunch of privileged students cocooning themselves in a white, liberal bubble aren’t going to solve anything. White affinity groups are just another example of spoiled kids trying to differentiate themselves. Members aren’t regular students, no, they’re “white allies.”

RWC News Students Line Up To Pay $56,000 Yearly Tuition…For The Opportunity To Confess Their “Privilege”

Some students now self-identify as “white allies.”

The politics at liberal universities veer so far to the left that even the media has picked up on it. Millennials aren’t getting a fair education. Their minds are being curdled rather than stretched. American campuses are so flamboyantly radical that conservative voices are often stifled.

“I struggled too; I’m not privileged…that’s what I always thought, but that’s not what White Privilege means,” claims Loyola student Angee Serwin. “Simply because I am White, I already carry a privilege that I didn’t even try for.”

Diversity isn’t fostered by celebrating people’s differences. Focusing on whiteness (or anything else for that matter) is more likely to be a hindrance to integration than an aid.

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