Sweden Sentences Man After “Offensive Behavior” With Pork Done In Front Of Muslims

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RWC News Sweden Sentences Man After “Offensive Behavior” With Pork Done In Front Of Muslims

A native in Sweden commuting to Stockholm was fined for his behavior on the train. Because he ate his bacon in front of three Muslims, he has had to pay restitution for his offensive act.

The situation in Sweden is scary. A 53-year-old man was sentenced in court for eating bacon in front of three women while riding on a train. Contradictory accounts of the incident have caused leftist fact-checking sites to discount the incident as false. However, the Stockholm commuter was fined for his behavior in the growing sharia state of Sweden.

According to prosecutors, the man demonstrated offensive behavior while eating his bacon on the train. He chewed the pork in front of the burka clad passengers, and then followed them when they changed places.

However, the man claims that he simply went to apologize and the entire incident lasted only a few moments. It was enough though. Using surveillance images, the man was found guilty and ordered to pay $1,125.87 in day fines, and $625.49 to each of the women he offended.


RWC News Sweden Sentences Man After “Offensive Behavior” With Pork Done In Front Of Muslims

Over the past few years, Sweden has become more and more inhospitable to its own natives. Sharia law rules many “no-go” areas in cities, and the problem is growing.

The famously liberal society in Sweden is paying the price for its polices concerning Islamic immigration. Mass numbers of caliphate-minded Muslims has established “no-go” areas where multiculturalism has given way to sharia held battlegrounds.

G.M. Davis, a noted author who has examined the situation, explained how a once welcoming society has actually contributed to the growing contempt Muslims feel toward the native population.

“Far from demonstrating a sense of gratitude, Muslims are insisting on ever-greater privileges against the norms of the indigenous society. While individual Muslims may seek to integrate into their host societies, the political nature of Islam means that, as immigrant communities grow in size and presence, their resistance to the surrounding political regime will necessarily increase,” Davis said.


RWC News Sweden Sentences Man After “Offensive Behavior” With Pork Done In Front Of Muslims

Muslims have become a protected class in the once thriving country. Now, they are filled with contempt for their neighbors and determined on caliphate.

The truth of his statement was demonstrated in 2015 when the taxpayer funded public agency, Swedish Institute, gave a Lebanese Immigrant control of its Twitter account. The public relations campaign is designed to “promote” the country’s “issues globally,” but the results of one man’s opinions were shocking.

When Elias Kreidy was given the venue, he proceeded to taunt the natives by saying that immigrants were taking over the country.

“I’m the immigrant who stole your job” and “I’m the immigrant who stole your education” are just the cleanest ones he posted. He also has made sexual threats against the native population and said residents were “racists” who don’t belong in the nation.

When radical Muslims have enough numbers to overwhelm natives (which isn’t too far off), history demonstrates that an “arab spring” will usher in full Sharia law. The terror attacks in Brussels seem to prove that point.

In fact, the outbreak of terror incidents in the country has been traced to the no-go zones.” Rape, murder, and oppression are what characterize Sweden’s cities now.

RWC News Sweden Sentences Man After “Offensive Behavior” With Pork Done In Front Of Muslims

New arrivals enter daily. Sweden’s once rich culture is slowly disappearing and many people are angered and upset by the progressive policies responsible for the destruction of their society.

Davis has argued that the fall of the country is imminent if something isn’t done. “Even such basic notions as the primacy of national self-defense are no longer widely accepted. Vague notions of trans-national brotherhood (regardless of irreconcilable ideological divisions) have come to take precedence over the obligation, once unshakable, of a government to protect its people,” he said.

That sort of deliberate ideology fails to recognize that radical Islam simply isn’t compatible with Western, Christian philosophy. Muslims kill and conquer today while Christians have developed democratic republics that protect individual rights from an arbitrary government or backward religion.

In the case of the Stockholm commuter, his punishment has strengthened the hold of sharia in Sweden.

Although he said that he “hates Muslims,” and he even added a racial slur, in a free society he should have the right to be an ignorant hater, so long as he doesn’t assault someone. His actions on the train were not violent. The move to punish his behavior as offensive means that individual freedom is gone.

Muslims do not want to integrate into a working civilization. They are bent on creating the third-world situation in Europe, and they are succeeding. Although the man was acquitted for inciting racial hatred, his sentence shows that when Muslims get offended in Sweden, they have the power to make someone pay for their hurt feelings.

This sort of action is just another nail in the coffin of a once vibrant, thriving nation. In fact, the change has happened in a shockingly short amount of time, and now the country is in chaos.

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I began reporting for RWC News on October 12th of 2016. Prior to that I was a reporter for WOKR Radio.

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