Tennessee Titans Star Player Issues Threat If NFL Forces Him To Stand

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RWC News Tennessee Titans Star Player Issues Threat If NFL Forces Him To Stand

Will this player be foolish enough to walk (kneel) away from five million dollars a year?

There is a saying that we have all used or heard that says, “put your money where your mouth is.” Countless millions have been lost on unwise betting practices spurred on by those very words. Tennessee Titans player Rishard Matthews has promised to quit the N.F.L. in a recent tweet if he has to stand for America’s anthem. While some people will respect his dedication doing as the saying suggests, he is poised to make the worst personal decision in sports history.

That is because he makes a guaranteed salary of five million dollars a year! When asked about if he would stand for the song, he tweeted “No I will be done playing football,” according to the Daily Caller. He then deleted the foolish statement, but in our digital age, nothing is ever really deleted.

Chances are what he has just done is deleted his credibility instead because now, if he does not actually quit when told that he must stand, he will look as hollow as the dolts in Hollywood who made the same pledge and broke it.

The fact is, he does not have to do anything in terms of legality. He is free to stand, sit, or otherwise humiliate himself.


The issue is, he is humiliating the league and the game with his actions and that affects a lot more people than just him and his misguided clique. The N.F.L. boycott currently underway has cost them 17% of their viewership and any more displays will only make it worse.

RWC News Tennessee Titans Star Player Issues Threat If NFL Forces Him To Stand

Memes like this show that the fans want action taken.

Other players have endorsements, too. Some fully respectful players who stand for the anthem every time may still lose millions if the company that is paying them backs out of all N.F.L. agreements over this issue. This means that a lot of people who this Titan is too selfish to think of can be negatively affected by his actions.

Still, we must ask ourselves: will anyone miss him or care if he does quit?

Source: The Daily Caller

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