Terrorist Who Committed Truck Massacre Used Welfare System To Fund ENTIRE Attack

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RWC News Terrorist Who Committed Truck Massacre Used Welfare System To Fund ENTIRE Attack

Germany: Where They Pay You To Invade Them!

Sometimes excellence is a curse.

The Germans, for example, are world-famous for being excellent engineers, philosophers, musicians, and scientists, among other things. Most of the time, excellence of this kind is a credit to the nation and a blessing for all of mankind. Goethe, Kant, Beethoven, Einstein–these excellent Germans are international treasures and a credit to the German race.


The problem is when someone, or an entire people, becomes excellent at a dangerous skill, or excels at taking a deadly course of action. When a computer genius applies his skills to hacking and cyber-crimes, his excellence becomes a curse. When a brilliant author invests his skills to a violent cause, his excellence as a writer becomes a curse with him as a deceptive propagandist.

In terms of Germany, their characteristic excellence has led them farther down dark paths than other, less “talented” nations.

For example, only the German passion for industrialization and organization could have created the systematic Nazi machine that nearly conquered all of Europe and sent millions to their graves in the Holocaust. To say that Hitler made “the trains” run on time is as true as it is chilling.

Likewise, their commitment to thoroughness and public respectability after World War 2 has led them to pay more reparations than any other country (except perhaps the United Kingdom after it abolished slavery), and to transform their society so radically that, in theory, someone like Hitler could truly NEVER happen again, and so that NO foreigners would ever feel marginalized again.


Thus swings the pendulum of history. Going to great lengths to apologize is noble of the Germans, but for at least two decades now, they have embarrassed themselves by embracing political correctness and diversity just as fanatically as their ancestors embraced Nazism. In what looks like truly suicidal behavior on a national scale, Germany shows no signs of slowing its descent into the quicksand of open borders.


As an example, take the recent Christmas attack and the young man behind the wheel of that deadly truck.

RWC News Terrorist Who Committed Truck Massacre Used Welfare System To Fund ENTIRE Attack

Authorities discovered that Amri had searched the internet for a way to contact Daesh, and instructions on how to build bombs.

Anis Amri, the Tunisian refugee allegedly responsible for the Berlin Christmas market attack, is now under investigation for fraud, after police discovered that he collected welfare under eight different aliases in various German cities, to fund terror activities. He had been listed as a potential threat on several occasions, but counter-terrorism officers, on at least two occasions, labeled him “unlikely” to carry out a terror attack.

Unlikely… or politically immune from criticism and scrutiny?


Daesh has taken credit for Amri’s attack that left 12 people dead and injured 48, and the jihadists described the killer as a “soldier of the Islamic State.” German authorities recently began an investigation into how Amri escaped Germany after the attack and made his way to France, and then Italy, where he was shot and killed by Italian police during a routine identification check. Berlin believes he made contact with two Daesh-linked individuals in Germany, and are trying to discern if the jihadists facilitated his escape.

RWC News Terrorist Who Committed Truck Massacre Used Welfare System To Fund ENTIRE Attack

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, and don’t refuse a country’s offer to support you even while you’re committed to subjugating them.

Welfare fraud is an oft-used tactic among terrorists in Europe, and participants in both the Brussels attack in March and the 2015 Paris attack subsisted on welfare while organizing their attacks. Altogether they collected about $56,000 in welfare funds, while the attacks themselves were said to have cost about $37,000.

Recently, the Danish government found that 36 Daesh fighters continued receiving unemployment benefits long after leaving the country to join the militants in Syria and Iraq.

Stunning and sad how Amri and thousands of other refugees like him have exploited the Europeans’ hospitality, but at the same time, it’s not like the Europeans haven’t been setting themselves up for dhimmitude (i.e., servile life under Islam). Not only did Amri exploit eight residents’ worth of welfare funds to plan and prepare his deadly truck attack, but after the attack he evaded capture as long as he did by atking refuge in mosques in the area.

And because the European Union, spearheaded by Germany’s “Excellence in Political Cuckoldry,” has bound itself to “respecting” religious diversity to a fault (if not to a fault line), the authorities were unable to look for Amri in the most likely place he’d be, namely, among other devout Muslims!

As Trump would say, “Sad!”

But really, what can you expect from Europe, a continent–or at least the misguided cotton-candy kingdom known as the European Union currently occupying Europe–that is now giving a green light to adult male refugees who are claiming to be boys just to work the system?

Then again, if you’re willing to believe that Islam is “the religion of peace” and that “race and gender are just social constructs,” then I guess you’d be willing to believe anything.

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