Texas Girl Missing After Father Issues Disturbing Order, Police Involved As Search Rages On

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RWC News Texas Girl Missing After Father Issues Disturbing Order, Police Involved As Search Rages On

Police are combing the area to find a missing girl left by a tree at three am.

Some parents allow their kids to get away with anything. These can be not only some of the most unruly and nasty of children but they can also grow into dreadful adults. However, there is the other side to this, as well. Some parents discipline their kids to the point of abuse and these offspring can grow up into even more of a mess than the latter group.

Sadly, one father in Texas is finding that out as police are looking all over his Dallas suburb and beyond after he made his daughter, only three, stand outside in the middle of the night as punishment for not drinking her milk, Foxreports. Thirty-seven-year-old Wesley Mathews made the girl, Sharin stand by a tree behind a fence at 3 a.m. to be exact.

The father left her outside for about 15 minutes before going to check on her. She was gone, nowhere to be found by the time that he did.


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The worst part? She was a disabled child! THE FATHER REALLY MADE A GIRL WITH DEVELOPMENTAL ISSUES STAND ALONE OUTSIDE AT THREE IN THE MORNING! She could be anywhere or with anyone.

A sure target for any predator, the girl was dressed in ” was wearing leggings, a pink long-sleeved shirt and pink flip-flops” as she stood there by herself, too. The ramifications of this could be horrifying.

Some things don’t add up to Sgt. Kevin Perlich. He has noted that the failed father waited five hours to report what had happened. He said that the grim truth “is certainly concerning to us.”


The lawman also said, “That does not seem like a normal response that one would do if you have a missing child.” That is one reason why Mathews was arrested and faces “a charge of abandoning or endangering a child.” He has posted bond and even the media has not been able to find him to even ask if he has hired a lawyer.

Making the story even more alarming is that the father has even claimed to have seen coyotes in the ally but police see no evidence that one had taken the child. CCTV footage, cell phones, and vehicles have been seized from the man, too.

RWC News Texas Girl Missing After Father Issues Disturbing Order, Police Involved As Search Rages On

The facts don’t seem to add up concerning this girl.

Sharin is said to be a child who awakens in the middle of the night, so that explains the timing, but when it is also known that a child of four was removed from the home over this, the implications are clear.

While nothing is carved in stone, it looks like this father may be hiding something. We can only pray that he is not.

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