The $200,000 Connection Between Obama And The 9th Court’s Anti-Trump Judge

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RWC News The $200,000 Connection Between Obama And The 9th Court’s Anti-Trump Judge

Obama continues to haunt from beyond his presidency.

In another stunning and frustrating disappointment for both the Trump administration and the movement, a federal judge of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which is infamously dominated by left-wing radicals, issued a ruling Tuesday that blocks the President’s executive order cutting funding from sanctuary cities. The ruling was in response to a lawsuit by the city of San Francisco and the county of Santa Clara, among the most liberal regions in the country.

The Trump Administration has now seen three immigration-related executive orders blocked in its first 100 days.

It turns out that this same judge, William Orrick III, who was appointed to his position by President Obama, raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to Obama’s campaign. Orrick also issued a restraining order against the Center for Medical Progress for its activism attempting to expose unethical practices by Planned Parenthood.


This is like a Banana republic level of corruption and dysfunction.

Orrick personally raised a bundle of $200,000 for Obama’s 2008 campaign, as this record shows. He also donated $30,800 to pro-Obama committees.

RWC News The $200,000 Connection Between Obama And The 9th Court’s Anti-Trump Judge

This is the face of the man who is working to keep illegal immigrants safe in the state where Kate Steinle was murdered.

Judge Orrick ruled that Trump had overstepped his executive powers by threatening to withhold funds based on non-compliance with immigration law. The judge argued that only Congress has the authority to do this. I wonder where was Judge Orrick on any of Obama’s countless overreaches of executive power?


Did not Judge Orrick himself overstep judicial power by issuing a restraining order against the Center for Medical Progress after the National Abortion told him to do so? Is the judge not overstepping his powers now? No one voted for this judge, but almost 63 million people voted for Trump to be President, and take these kinds of actions.

This is oddly reminiscent of the last time a federal judge blocked a Trump executive order. That time, it was in Obama’s home state of Hawaii. A district court judge, Derrick Watson, then ruled against Trump’s already scaled down and clearly lawful executive order banning people from certain countries that can’t issue passports from entering the United States. The judge issued a ridiculous ruling based more on feelings and suspicion than law.

RWC News The $200,000 Connection Between Obama And The 9th Court’s Anti-Trump Judge

The videos released by Center for Medical Progress made waves in the culture, generating a storm of bad publicity for Planned Parenthood. The videos were frequently mentioned in the GOP primary debates.

Like in the past two judicial blocks against Trump executive orders, the judge used Trump’s own words against him. “If there was any doubt about the scope of the order, the president and attorney general have erased it with their public comments,” Judge Orrick wrote.


The Hawaii ruling was announced less than 48 hours after Obama visited Honolulu in a surprise trip, raising questions about whether Obama may have had something to do with the decision. Is it possible that Obama could be pulling strings behind the scenes now?

Users on Reddit noted that Obama had dined at the Noi Thai restaurant, just minutes away from the courthouse, and that Obama was “likely within 5 minutes of the judge’s house at one point on the drive over.”

Watson, like Orrick, was also an Obama appointee. Watson also graduated the same year as Obama from Harvard Law School.

There have been reports that Obama has formed a “war room” from which to mount a covert insurrection against President Trump.

It’s almost like Obama set up a network of corrupt left-wing cronies in key positions around the country to block any future opposition to his anti-American agenda.


It should be remembered that San Francisco is where Kate Steinle was murdered by an illegal immigrant who had been previously deported five times. This ruling is especially insulting considering it’s San Francisco, but it does reflect the mindset of the average Bay Area leftist.

RWC News The $200,000 Connection Between Obama And The 9th Court’s Anti-Trump Judge

This smarmy judge who blocked one of Trump’s orders graduated the same year as Obama from law school.

If President Trump is ever going to get even the basic planks of his agenda through, he may have to take radical action against this well organized network that is dead set against him. Hopefully he prevails in the Supreme Court.

But if the Supreme Court fails to restore sanity, it may be time for Trump to look to that portrait of President Andrew Jackson he has hanging on the Oval Office wall and pull a repeat of the nullification crisis of 1832-1837.

During this pivotal moment in American history, the federal government clashed with the state of South Carolina over a tariff, which South Carolina declared unconstitutional and therefore null and void. In response the Congress passed the Force Bill, which prepared the federal government to use the military to go into South Carolina, as well as a new compromise tariff more amenable to the state. South Carolina accepted the new tariff, but nullified the Force Bill to maintain its dignity. In the end both sides were satisfied.

Such a struggle would probably not play out in the same way now. We are a far less unified nation than in that time. But if the judicial branch is so outrageously overstepping its bounds, then the executive branch must push back. Since Trump has the remarkable situation where his party controls both the executive and legislative branches of government, the two branches should work together to reign in the judicial branch. That is, unless the Supreme Court sets right these injustices.

If the Supreme Court does rule against the Trump administration on these executive orders, it would be a wake up call for intelligent patriots on how widespread this leftist infiltration and indoctrination has become. Will the people tolerate a judiciary set against their interests when it comes to these most crucial issues of immigration and border control?

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