The Effect Of Positive Emotions On Our Health

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If you think about it, you’ll realize that our emotions basically make up everything we know. Every single thing we have ever come in contact with has had an emotional reaction – and without that reaction, we would never know what was good or bad.

RWC News The Effect Of Positive Emotions On Our Health

Emotions aren’t just something that represents your feminine or sensitive side. They are much more than ‘just the way someone feels about something’. Emotions are the way someone perceives a certain event, object, or person. Each emotion we have shaped our lives in some shape, form, or fashion. If you can increase your positive emotions you will experience a significant increase in health – and not just mental health. Positive emotions can even increase your physical health.

Barbara Fredrickson is a long-term researcher on positive emotions. Her research has shown how acquiring positivity can transform us at a cellular level. It literally shapes the who we are, like I said before. Her theory of positive emotions is referred to as Broaden and Build. It suggests that positive emotions can lead to an expansive behavior, eventually resulting in long-lasting emotional resilience and flourishing social relationships.

RWC News The Effect Of Positive Emotions On Our Health

Positive emotions do much more than just make you feel good. Positive emotions such as gratitude, interest, awe, love, and playfulness broaden our perspective and open our minds to our true environment. It allows you to escape the dark depths of your mind, revealing the positive outcomes of every situation automatically before even thinking about the negative. Doing this allows you to ultimately be happier and feel better because you have a lightened perception on the way life works. You can look at it from two different angles; dark and cruel, or immaculate beauty.

According to Fredrickson, “Negative emotions are necessary for us to flourish, and positive emotions are by nature subtle and fleeting; the secret is not to deny their transience but to find ways to increase their quantity. Rather than trying to eliminate negativity, she recommends we balance negative feelings with positive ones.”

In the video below Dr. Fredrickson explains how positive emotions broaden our worlds. She continues with how they allow us to become more in tune with the needs of others, and the overall significance of another person besides yourself!

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By the way, check out these physical benefits of positive emotions, according to Dr. Frederickson.

  • Faster recovery from cardiovascular stress
  • Positive emotions have also been shown to benefit individuals with cardiovascular disease.
  • Lower blood pressure and risk for cardiovascular disease
  • Better sleep, fewer colds, headaches, aches and pain, and a greater sense of overall happiness
  • Expands our perception of what lies in our peripheral vision
  • Research suggests that even more abstract positive emotions like hope and curiosity offer protective benefits from diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes.
  • Studies show that positive emotions help a person to overcome negative emotions faster and be more resilient and be able to cope with a difficult situation.
  • People are more playful when happy, so that leads better physical fitness, regular exercise or increased flexibility. (so it’s important to engage in an activity that makes you happy)
  • People who experience warmer, more upbeat emotions may have better physical health because they make more social connections

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