The F.B.I. Is Investigating FEMA Fraud As The Island Reports Abuse

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RWC News The F.B.I. Is Investigating FEMA Fraud As The Island Reports Abuse

The F.B.I. is on the way to Puerto Rico and they want answers.

Only hours ago, the Daily Post reported on the deplorable things that were said by San Juan’s mayor about Donald Trump. Even with the U.S. mainland having sent over 10,000 aid workers, Mayor Cruz would have the world think that President did not even send any water, something that clearly is not the case.

So where is everything?

Fox is reporting that the government is asking the same thing and that the F.B.I. is getting swarmed with calls from all throughout the island saying that FEMA’s supplies (which Trump DID send) are being withheld and mismanaged.


In horrific, one report says that an official crammed his personal vehicle with goods meant to save the lives of everyone and took off!

The complaints we’re hearing is that mayors of local municipalities, or people associated with their offices, are giving their political supporters special treatment, goods they’re not giving to other people who need them,” said FBI Special Agent Carlos Osorio.

He added, “The U.S. attorney has made it clear if anyone is caught mishandling FEMA supplies, they will be prosecuted and could end up facing anywhere from five to 20 years in prison.”


Osorio promised that “We’re going out and investigating these claims. We don’t know yet if they’re accurate or not…but yes we have received many similar allegations from people in many different parts of the island.

This would seem to lay waste to the accusations of Mayor Cruz while also getting to the bottom of what is causing the logjam that she so quickly and inaccurately blamed on Donald Trump.

RWC News The F.B.I. Is Investigating FEMA Fraud As The Island Reports Abuse

The F.B.I. and FEMA are looking into what is happening and why supplies are not where they should be.

This nightmare is not going to be over in Peurto Rico for quite some time. Mother Nature has simply poured out so much wrath that nothing more can be sent until what has already arrived (lumber, goods, medical needs) is unboxed and used now.


As to why that is not happening quicker, the F.B.I. seems to have a plan in place to find out why that is.

Source: Fox – The Daily Post

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