The FISA Warrant Is Irrelevant! Not Needed to Spy on Trump [MUST SEE!]

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The media is misleading us if they claim the FISA warrant was essential to the question of putting Trump under surveillance.

The role of a FISA warrant is being put at the center of the controversy of whether the government spied on Donald Trump. Here, for example, is the odious Al Franken asking Associate Attorney General nominee Rachel L. Brand about whether President Obama could have tapped phones.

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Franken pretends that a FISA warrant was necessary. He’s wrong.

Consider the Judge Napolitano said on Fox & Friends about the issue:

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Furthermore, Justin Raimondo points out other problems with the story about the FISA warrants.

As Edward Snowden revealed, the National Security Agency (NSA) scoops up everyone’s communications, and stores them in a database for later retrieval. Loosely-observed “rules” are supposed to make it hard (but not impossible) for the spooks to spy on American citizens, but the reality is that there are plenty of times when such information is scooped up “incidentally,” and in those cases the identities of those spied on must be redacted.

Except not anymore.

Then he quotes a New York Times story from January 12 about how Barack Obama changed the rules to allow the NSA to share raw data. He also points to a later story that I posted about recently, showing that foreign spying assisted these intelligence agencies. This resulted in intelligence agencies analyzing and leaking stuff that was never justified by a FISA warrant.

Forget about looking for a FISA court application to spy on Trump & Co.: it wasn’t necessary. Such archaic remnants of a free society as a warrant were blithely bypassed […]

All the leakers had to do was comb through the material gathered by the NSA and cherry-pick what looked incriminating – although, to be sure, if they had a smoking gun we would surely have known about it by now. But the lack of such was no obstacle to their goal, which was to give the #NeverTrump cause a banner around which to rally post-election – “The Russians did it!” – and create a dark cloud of suspicion over Trump’s presidency as being somehow illegitimate.

The new rules on disseminating raw NSA intercepts went into effect on January 3, after then Attorney General Loretta Lynch signed on: the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper had previously signed on December 12. And if we look at the reportage coming out of the media, that’s when the stories detailing the content of intercepts and other intelligence started hitting the front pages.

famously expressed the opinion that the election was being rigged. He was right but he won anyway. But that was not all these people are willing and able to rig. Donald Trump’s election is being marginalized and delegitimized by the deep state and its unconstitutional surveillance network.

We shouldn’t be surprised. These are the same people who extoll “Democracy” for everyone on the planet, but refuse to accept the results that they don’t like. Why would they treat Red State America any better?

It’s our turn to get the same treatment as other nations get from the intelligence community.

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