The Oscars Are About To Feel The Wrath of Trump’s Supporters

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RWC News The Oscars Are About To Feel The Wrath of Trump’s Supporters

Hollywood’s big night may fizzle out, should Trump supporters’ boycott of the Academy Awards go viral.

Hollywood’s elite have been using their acceptance speeches as a platform for politically-motivated propaganda for decades, but 2017 seems to be the banner year for the nonsensical outbursts of the left.  Now, with The Oscars merely hours away, a bevy of Trump supporters has vowed to boycott the gala, citing their disdain for the left-leaning content of Tinsel Town’s twerps.

“Reports are flying that this year’s Academy Awards, which air live tonight, will be among the most political ever. Finally, Americans will know exactly where Emma Stone stands on Trump’s infrastructure plan, and just what Ben Affleck’s little brother thinks about Dodd-Frank.

“Stars and starlets have been using their pre-Oscars parties to make political statements. And the Hollywood celebrities have already been practicing for their big night. Meryl Streep delivered a diatribe at the Golden Globes; Stranger Things star David Harbour delivered a rant at the Screen Actors Guild Awards; and last night Affleck went on a tear at the Independent Spirit Awards.

“‘The policies of this administration are abhorrent and will not last,’ he said, adding that Trump’s recent orders have been ‘un-American.’

“But now, Trump supporters are getting in on the protestfest, with some calling for a boycott of the Oscars.

“A Facebook post originated by Republicans in Arizona has called on the ‘backbone and decent people of America’ to stand up against the ‘bitter people of the entertainment industry,’ ” the Telegraph reports.

“Of course, the protests haven’t affected the highly affected actors, who have been having bash after bash in the run-up to the big night. Champagne has flowed at lavish A-list affairs with nary a thought of the horrors of Trump. But Sunday night, suddenly, Hollywood’s elites will reach high dudgeon — just in time for their acceptance speeches.”

Expect a massive onslaught of ratings figures to bombard your newsfeed tomorrow, as the damage from this boycott is measured.

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