The Robot Sex Doll Revolution May Have Some Big Downsides, Experts Warn

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Sex robots are becoming increasingly available and are quite lifelike. With this new trend, we should definitely stop to think about the things to come, both the good and the bad.

One report that was written by the Foundation of Responsible Robotics titled “Our Sexual Future with Robots” gets deep into several sex robot related questions many people have been dying to go over. For instance, will sex robots make people become shut-ins? Could sex robots eventually end sex trafficking as well as human prostitution?

This report includes interviews with quite a few sex doll makers along with robot experts. The main focus was to cover things that will be foreseeable in the next ten years. By conducting these interviews and examining a wide variety of previous studies in regards to people’s interactions with robots they have come to some very interesting conclusions.

Sure, currently robotic sex dolls are in their early stages but many different companies and robotic engineers, in general, are racing to make them as realistic a possible. There have been quite a few robotic models introduced in recent times that use AI technology on some level. These ‘dolls’ could be used to help elderly people and people with disabilities who otherwise would not be able to satisfy their sexual desires with other humans. With that being said, a consent question does come up because these ‘dolls’ cannot say no to their owners, depending on how advanced AI becomes, that could be a problem.

RWC News The Robot Sex Doll Revolution May Have Some Big Downsides, Experts Warn

These ‘dolls’ are largely created by and geared towards men which as you would assume objectifies and commodifies women’s bodies. What impact will this have on the adult industry that is thriving on such objectification? Could the increase of robotic sex dolls impact the number of sex crimes happening? Could it put an end to rape or pedophilia?

There is actually a Japanese company that professes childlike sex dolls aimed at stopping people with pedophilic urges from acting out their fantasies in real life. They have been selling dolls like this for over a decade. Of course, there is no evidence suggesting that these dolls actually help anyone. It is actually thought that it would not help at all and could even cause these pedophiles to act out their urges with a greater urgency.

Patrick Lin, director of the ethics and emerging sciences group at California Polytechnic State University told the Responsible Robotics researchers that if you imagine trying to remedy something like racism like this it would not work. Letting a bigot abuse a brown robot would not resolve the issue. Expressing racist feelings is not a cure for them, the same goes for pedophilia and other things of that nature. It is not a remedy.

What do you think about all of this? Do you think the popularity of sex robots is a good thing or a bad thing? To check out the full report please click here.

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