The Two Smartest Signs of the Zodiac, According to Astrologers

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Each zodiac sign has their own set of traits and abilities, and some of which are highly recognized for having unique and special abilities – like intelligence!

Each zodiac sign has their own special traits and characteristics. We are all different individual spiritual souls and each of us have our own special talents and faults. Where some signs might be particularly charismatic they might also lack skills of understanding and intelligence. Just like yin and yang, our negative qualities and positive qualities balance each other out.

Most people are aware of the common zodiac sign stereotypes like Leo being a charming player, Gemini being a sociopath, and Taurus being a loving friend, but you might not know much else about the traits and characteristics associated with each zodiac sign. More interestingly, who are the most intelligent zodiac signs? When it comes to intelligence and intellectually gifted people, Aquarius and Scorpio top the list. These two zodiac signs are acclaimed for their intellect and rationalization skills. They tend to possess the higher IQ scores too. Some of the most extraordinary scientists and researchers were Scorpio and Aquarius, like Pablo Picasso or Galileo Galilei.


RWC News The Two Smartest Signs of the Zodiac, According to Astrologers

Aquarius is praised for their intelligence and humanistic skills and traits. They are known for reflecting their creative and original minds in important problem solving and innovation to make life easier for those around them. They work for the people and they are always trying to work for the common good. They serve humanity, but they do it through knowledge, not work. They have creative ideas and always think outside the box. Ruled by Saturn, the planet of innovation, they are quick to start working on the newest and most creative ideas to change the world. They are deeply intrigued by technology and computer development. They enjoy deep and meaningful conversations and use only the most renowned scientific studies to prove their points.


RWC News The Two Smartest Signs of the Zodiac, According to Astrologers

Scorpios are among the smartest and most intelligent of the zodiac signs alongside Aquarius but in quite a different way. Scorpio possesses a vast worldly knowledge of the way people work and how things function. They have a deep sense of picking up on the true incentives and motives of other people. They have an unparalleled strength when it comes to rising back up again if they get knocked down. Scorpios are best suited for the professions of surgeons, doctors, detectives, artists, and psychiatrists because of how analytical and intuitive they are.

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