Top Intelligence Chief Reveals Terrorist Dangers Of Central American Path

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RWC News Top Intelligence Chief Reveals Terrorist Dangers Of Central American Path

Mario Duarte, the secretary of strategic intelligence in Guatemala is warning of the dangers.

Terrorists from the Middle East are entering the United States through Central America, following the well-worn path used by illegals and human traffickers, according to one of the region’s top intelligence chiefs.

“There are enough indications from several intelligence organizations that yes, they may have links,” Mario Duarte, head of the Secretariat of Strategic Intelligence of Guatemala.

In an interview with Efe, Duarte described the terrorists as sophisticated and able to find “high quality” documentation to fool local immigration officials.

“In addition to the links that these people may have with terrorist organizations, Duarte points out that the illegal documentation they carried was of ‘high quality,’ a ‘delicate’ issue that demonstrates the power of these societies,” said a report in Department 19, a Honduran digital news service, and highlighted in a tweet from Kausha Luna of the Center for Immigration Studies.

In bad news for the U.S. but good for Guatemala, Duarte said that there is no evidence that the terrorists are setting up camps in the country.

Still, he called for a regionally coordinated effort to share intelligence on the suspects.

“We can not help but forget that our countries can always be places of passage, the same weaknesses that were observed in issues such as false identities is something very delicate that we can not ignore and we have to work together,” he told the news service.

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H/T: Washington Examiner

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