Trump Assassination? Teacher Acts It Out And Receiving Zero Backlack (Can You Imagine Obama Being Threatened?)

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RWC News Trump Assassination? Teacher Acts It Out And Receiving Zero Backlack (Can You Imagine Obama Being Threatened?)

Dallas School Teacher. Would Be Assassin?

The left-wing liberals have gone completely insane and are acting like uncivilized barbarians. Everything is always about them and getting attention. They act like spoiled children throwing temper tantrums.

They claim freedom of speech, but that right does not extend to include threats and acts of violence. You’re not allowed to falsely scream “fire”, in movie theater. You also can’t act out shooting the President of The United States. The only thing these people will understand is a stay in the cross-bar hotel.

At W.H. Adamson High School in Dallas, Texas, art students were treated to an epic meltdown by their teacher, Payal Modi, who screamed “Die!” and shot President Trump’s image on the screen with a water gun as students watched his inauguration on TV.  A student caught this on video, and Modi, who was proud of the planned display, posted it to her Instagram account.


This comes on the heels of Madonna’s pathetic tirade the day after the inauguration. She spoke out against Donald Trump during a speech at the Women’s March in Washington D.C. “Yes, I’m angry,” she told the crowd. “Yes, I am outraged. Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House. But I know this won’t change anything. We cannot fall into despair.”

The material girl showed how immaterial she really is. You can halfway expect that type of behavior from her. Her lifestyle speaks for itself.

What’s different here is that Payal Modi is a teacher in the Dallas public school system. She influences and sets an example, for impressionable students. The school board placed her on paid leave, while they “consider the matter.”

She should be fired, then thrown in jail. The Secret Service says they are aware of the incident. A clear message needs to be sent.


This is especially outrageous because a U.S. President was assassinated in Dallas. The tragic irony is that the fatal shots came from the school system’s book depository. I remember that day.

 Unless mental illness is involved, an adult doesn’t belong in a profession with well-defined standards and ethics rules and act like this. Even then, that might be a defense in her unlikely criminal case, but she certainly can’t be allowed to return to the classroom.

RWC News Trump Assassination? Teacher Acts It Out And Receiving Zero Backlack (Can You Imagine Obama Being Threatened?)

Drunk Again

This is more political indoctrination the classroom, which educators not today only tolerate but nurture. A teacher modelling violence toward any individual, but especially the President of The United States, in front of students, is such a stunning breach of professional ethics that no teacher should have the idea even flicker across her mind. Payal Modi planned it.  A teacher who behaves like this cannot be trusted with students. A teacher like Modi calls into question everyone and every institution connected with her.


Adamson High School assistant principal Bobby Nevels confirmed that Modi shot the squirt gun at the TV, during class and in front of students. It is six days later. Why does she have a job? Why has the school not made a public apology? Why hasn’t the teachers’ union condemned her actions?

In eight years, no teacher did anything displaying close to this level of hostility and disrespect to President Obama. What do you think the reaction would have been by a school district if one had? Would the official position be, as Nevels’ was, “The district will not comment on personnel issues?” How about reassuring parents and the public that the district recognizes that this isn’t just a personnel issue. This is an incident that calls into question the integrity of the education system and the teaching profession? Modi is the product of an unethical culture that is rotting public education from within.

Is there a specific Teachers Code of Conduct provision, enforced and universal, that would guide a teacher not to do something this outrageous? The NEA has a Code, but there is no enforcement mechanism. There is also no prohibition against demonstrating hostility and disrespect toward public figures, or engaging in violent displays in class. Here are the provisions relevant to Modi’s meltdown:

Serious professional codes of conduct don’t permit this type of behavior. Professions that care about professionalism don’t give off mixed signals when a member betrays the public trust so blatantly.


At least people don’t have any ethical expectations of Madonna. Her profession apparently doesn’t have any restrictions on behavior. Her recent drunken onstage performances bear witness to that.

Would the school board act differently if Modi were drunk in the classroom? Look at the double standard, as it applies to students. Thirteen-year-old Khalid Caraballo was suspended from school for playing with a toy gun — on his own property. A five-year-old girl was suspended from kindergarten for making allegedly terroristic threats involving a “Hello Kitty” bubble gun.

Twelve-year-old Joseph Lyssikatos was suspended for possessing a gun-shaped key chain trinket barely larger than a quarter. Eight-year-old David Morales was sent home from school for wearing a camouflage hat that had little plastic soldiers glued to it because the soldiers were armed. Eight-year-old Jordan Bennett was suspended for making a finger gun. So were several six-year-olds. Another six-year-old was suspended for drawing a gun, as was seven-year-old Kyle Walker.

RWC News Trump Assassination? Teacher Acts It Out And Receiving Zero Backlack (Can You Imagine Obama Being Threatened?)

It’s No Joke

It is no mystery why lefties of the type who run the education establishment hate guns. A gun in private hands is the ultimate concretization of individual liberty and empowerment, and therefore a threat to liberal ideology, which could best be described as authoritarian oligarchical collectivism. This hatred has led them to brainwash children to associate guns with punishment.

Yet, Modi will probably get away with acting out assassinating the President of the United States, in front of her students.

My guess? Modi will still be teaching a year from now, and that is tragic.

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