Trump Dossier Finds New Drama As Infamous Writer Finds Congressional Summons

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RWC News Trump Dossier Finds New Drama As Infamous Writer Finds Congressional Summons

Glenn Simpson (pictured) gets the latest subpoena in the Russian story that those opposed to Trump are pushing.

Democrats and those opposed to President Trump’s leadership have no facts, no support from the majority of Americans, and very little chance of doing much better in the 2018 Congressional elections. All that they have is their hatred and the fake news (which all signs so far show was crafted by the DNC) about Putin helping Trump win, something which never happened.

The Washington Times confirms today that Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson has been subpoenaed by the Republican chairman of the House intelligence committee. Simpson is the head of the “Washington firm that commissioned the sensational anti-Trump campaign research dossier.”

This all comes as “special counsel Robert Mueller’s separate investigation” has seen fit to interview a former spy from England named Christopher Steele. He is said to have worked with Simpson on the dossier in question.


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Both the CIA and the FBI are known to have found the dossier to be “so sensational and sensitive” that they made the decision to not even mention it in what is called “the intelligence community’s highly publicized accusations back in January.”

The former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser, Carter Page, has filed lawsuits claiming slander at the mistruths that were found within the dossier. He has gone so far as to say that he “will not appear before the Senate intelligence committee’s Russia probe.” The committee has not said whether they ever asked him to or not.

There is a lot of “infighting” about this within the committee itself and chairman “Rep. Devin Nunes pushed for a subpoena for Mr. Simpson’s testimony.” The witchhunt that the Commander in Chief spoke of seems to be still in full charge.


Those who could not beat Trump at the ballot box are working to erase the vote of the people by trying to drum up baseless claims about Russia and applying them to the White House.

RWC News Trump Dossier Finds New Drama As Infamous Writer Finds Congressional Summons

Putin himself destroyed host Megan Kelly (both pictured) over the Russian accusations.

Putin himself laughed in host Megan Kelly’s face when it was suggested that every contact that anyone affiliated with Trump has made (often on committees that had to before Trump was elected) was proof of some nefarious plot which never existed.

As this all unfolds into a great round of nothing, those banking on this being the downfall of America’s leader are only going to look more foolish and vindictive than ever.


That does not win elections.

Source: The Washington Times

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