Trump Makes Incredible Leap Between Party Lines After Paul Ryan’s Failure On Friday

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RWC News Trump Makes Incredible Leap Between Party Lines After Paul Ryan’s Failure On Friday

has had ENOUGH of the madness of party politics and is reaching out to the left on healthcare matters.

Many on the left who now detest Donald Trump (and love talking about the fact) are famous for quoting often that he supported various Democrats in the past. At one point, he even supported the Clintons, though as his leadership style plays out, it seems that this support was largely along social lines of thought. This can be deduced by the fact that Trump picked Judge Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court, a Judge who is quite soft on social matters such as gay marriage. At no point did Trump’s support ever have very much to do with a favoring of big government, as seen by Trump cutting the fat as if he were vegan.

Healthcare is one area where Trump and the lefties agree in many instances. While it might be true that the more libertarian wing of the GOP is correct in stating that health matters should be left to the individual states, Trump is having none of it. For better or for worse, he aims to repeal and replace Obamacare on a federal level. This shouldn’t have proved too hard to do since Obamacare was terrible. So the President relied on the GOP (who had over SIX YEARS to write a counter healthcare proposal) to have their bill ready to go.

This proved to be ill-placed trust, something America observed when House Speaker Paul Ryan’s plan fell like a lead pipe. Now Trump is ready to listen to what Democrats have to say since, unlike the failed Ryan plan, Trump is helping to pen this one.


There is true logic at work here. Democrats stand by Obamacare (ACA), claiming that it’s “helpful,” as it hurts the nation, just like the builders of the Titanic stood by “unsinkable” craftsmanship as the ship sank. Just the same, they too want to be re-elected. They know that the ACA is a dreadful order that is going to prove devastatingly harmful during the midterms if allowed to fester. The president has spoken well of some people like Bernie Sanders (D-VT) in some cases. While a Sanders plan would bankrupt the nation, having him at the table would be an asset for a number of reasons. One such reason would be that it could create a coalition of Democrats, something that Ronald Reagan did with amazing success in the 1980s.


This president is not going to be a partisan president,” is what White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus had to say when on Fox Sunday, adding “I think it’s time for our folks to come together, I also think it’s time to potentially get a few moderate Democrats on board as well.” Trump is said to be growing more and more frustrated with the GOP leadership. Now that they just presented a bill that true conservatives like Justin Amash also disliked, maybe this is the bridge that Trump has needed. If this proves to be what can put House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and at the same table peacefully, then so be it.

RWC News Trump Makes Incredible Leap Between Party Lines After Paul Ryan’s Failure On Friday

Prudent Constitutionalists like Justin Amash (R-MI), (pictured) warned that “RyanCare” was doomed.

Market Watch says that while there is in Trump an “ideological flexibility[that] could open the door for some agreement,” there would be a lot of GOP resistance in this move. Likewise, the more “Antifa/socialist” wing of the Democratic Party are hesitant to accept anything from Trump, even when that “anything” is a genuine interest in solving a problem. “The minute he got into office, maybe led by Vice President Pence and some of the others, he moved so far to the hard right that it’s virtually impossible for us to work with him,” said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) while talking with ABC’s “This Week” program.

Still, if there can be a few “Reagan Democrats” (in terms of viewpoint) and a few GOP members who were “classic liberals” from a JFK point of view, then things could be solved much more smoothly. The sad fact is that ANY socialized medicine is just that; “socialism.” Oh, we can call it any number of progressive “feel good” names to smooth over that bump, but it is really communistic in nature. As such, if America is so very bent on handling healthcare matters on such a federal level, then why NOT talk to the socialists?


RWC News Trump Makes Incredible Leap Between Party Lines After Paul Ryan’s Failure On Friday

The same mistakes that caused the ACA to fail almost were repeated again.

If the Democrats were trying to, let us pretend, write a “pro-gun” bill, should they not contact Republicans who have a history in the matter? Likewise, if the GOP is going to allow itself to be roped into a socialist way of handling medical issues, then why would a bunch of people on the right with no knowledge of it get all of the say? If we have turned our backs on the Constitution, we may as well do it gracefully, if such a thing can be. Socialism never works very well, but some forms work worse than others. Let us hear what their plans are, because if we don’t let Uncle Sam do this instead of states, the world may end or something.

In theory, when Trump signed the order eliminating the fines of Obamacare that was to hammer those who could not afford it, those penalties should remain gone. Some have worried that now that the ACA is again in full bloom, the fines will return. Regardless, the coming tidal wave of pain and failure that is about to wash over America is going to make those fines almost forgotten. This is going to be the rope used to hang Democrats within just under two years, too. By then “Joe Sixpack” will have either lost his insurance in total or be unwilling to use it, even if he is lying on the floor with chest pains, due to costs.

RWC News Trump Makes Incredible Leap Between Party Lines After Paul Ryan’s Failure On Friday

Are to think that, if Ryan had gotten into office, that this last bill that failed is what he would have endorsed for the people?

If the fines are REALLY gone, then Trump and the GOP have a little wiggle room in terms of a time frame in which to iron out how much Democratic say gets into the new plan. Americans could be calmed enough by Trump tweeting “progress reports” to the voters about what is being done to craft a new way, as long as it did not take awfully long. For the president, the new bill that is being crafted matters since, unlike the Ryan idea that just failed, this one is to be helped along by Trump himself. His name is going to be on this one, so there will be no Paul Ryan to cast blame upon. The White House is not happy about the failure of Ryan’s proposal, but he is going to recover by reaching out to those needed, the Democrats. This is true because NO plan is going to get enough GOP votes to become reality, so moderate liberals are going to be who is sought to fill any holes.

To that end is why the Constitution was written and worded as it was, to ensure that all sides had to work together. We have two parties, but there are four columns. We have the “Linda Sarsour” FAR left, and we also have a few of the more moderates on display with Democrats. We have, likewise, the “standard Bush” GOP side of Republicans, along with the “Ron Paul” wing on the right. Sadly, all four are only now debating working together to decide a law that the very Constitution says should be hoisted onto the states. Maybe if both parties could do this for things like Putin and China, issues that are MEANT for the federal government to handle, then something effective could one day be done.

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