Trump Tells The Intel Committee Where To Really Investigate As Left Fumes

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RWC News Trump Tells The Intel Committee Where To Really Investigate As Left Fumes

Richard Burr (pictured) got some excellent advice from Donald Trump’s most recent tweet.

As the Daily Post reported only yesterday, Senate Intel Committee Chairman Richard Burr has no idea when the investigation into the (thus far) PROVABLY fake about Russia somehow helping win the presidency will end. All evidence up to now has pointed to the DNC as the hatchers of the lie and if Putin tried to help anyone, with what we know of Facebook, it was Hillary Clinton!

In response to this, gave some of his best advice today when he tweeted, “Why Isn’t the Senate Intel Committee looking into the Fake Networks in OUR country to see why so much of our is just made up-FAKE!,” the Washington Times reports.

Vice Chairman Mark Warner has found that while there is evidence of Russian hacking attempts, the outcome of the election was as it should have been (i.e., not affected by Russia) and there is zero proof that Trump was helped or knew of any of it.

If there was any proof, just stop and reason, would Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and those like her already not have pounced? They have not issued any legal documents because, beyond their self-created hype, there is NOTHING to charge Trump with since he did nothing wrong.


Rather than admit that, the committee “has expanded as a result of the new revelations, and cautioned they could not comment about whether there actually was evidence of collusion between Mr. Trump’s campaign and Russian officials.”


We are supposed to believe that if there was any such evidence, even a hint of it, Burr and his witch hunters would say nothing? Who could believe that?

The White House took things a step further and showed how fake the MSM was. “Rex Tillerson never threatened to resign. This is Fake put out by @NBCNews. Low and reporting standards. No verification from me,” he tweeted.

If the two sources involved, Trump and Tillerson, are both saying that it never happened, what more proof do we need? Literally, both sources, the ONLY two sources, said that it was fake from NBC.

America’s leader also tweeted some real news that everyone should be happy about, as well. “Stock Market hits an ALL-TIME high! Unemployment lowest in 16 years! Business and manufacturing enthusiasm at highest level in decades,” he said.

To put it all into perspective, is succeeding and that is what the Democrats fear the most. Imagine, in four years, the economy is likely going to be doing so well (as will most of the U.S.A.) that the left will have been proven wrong about what the Commander in Chief could accomplish.

From there, even fake about Russia won’t be able to save them from another four years.

Sources: The Daily PostThe Washington Times

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