University Now Segregating Dorms To Make Them “Safer” In Show Of “Social Progress”

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RWC News University Now Segregating Dorms To Make Them “Safer” In Show Of “Social Progress”

Minority groups at campuses across the country are insisting on “white-free” zones

Whiny college students are so thin-skinned that they’re pressuring their schools to create “safe spaces,” areas intended to shield them from the force of dissenting opinions. The brats are nestled so deep into the crazy cocoon that they’re actually attempting to resurrect the racism expunged from American universities decades ago.

“Until about two years ago, a safe space referred to a room where people — often gay and transgender students — could discuss problems they shared in a forum where they were sheltered from epithets and other attacks,” writes the LA Times.

The temporary meeting spaces quickly turned into permanent cry-zones. Now their attention has latched onto student housing. They intend to segregate students into groups. Ignoring the fact that part of college’s appeal is the fact that it exposes you to different types of people, segregated dorms are incredibly racist.


Coddled students insist that their survival depends on shunning those who aren’t like them. “Students’ frequent demand for protection from uncomfortable ideas on campus — such as so-called trigger warnings — is now paralleled by calls to be physically separated too. Groups contend that their well-being depends on living with their own kind,” the Times laments.

RWC News University Now Segregating Dorms To Make Them “Safer” In Show Of “Social Progress”

College students with nothing better to do are willing to protest over just about anything

In the past few years masses of minority students at campuses across the country bundled together and demanded that they be allowed to form exclusive groups. The cognitive dissonance is almost funny. Supposed victims of discrimination are rallying for the right to discriminate against others.

A group of Oberlin students created a particularly obnoxious 14-page list of demands that included requests for officials to designate areas of campus as safe spaces for “Africana-identifying” students. I wonder if the university’s president threw up in his mouth a little bit when he read it.


The students’ absurd claims were rejected, but the power and influence of these babies grows every day. Many schools are choosing to capitulate to student’s silly demands rather than suffer a loss in enrollment.

“After the UC Irvine Black Student Union demanded the creation of a Black Scholars’ Hall…the initiative was approved within the year. Under the guise of establishing so-called living-learning communities, similar accommodation is provided at UC Santa Barbara and UC Berkeley,” reporters note.

Millennials are so lost in their protective bubbles that they don’t realize how harmful their ideas are. Going to college and rejecting new experiences is about as useful as taking a nap in class. They’re deliberately stunting their growth.

Some administrators are so brainwashed that they say things like “We all deserve safe spaces” and “Black students had every right to enjoy their lunches in peace” when discussing minority students’ arrogant demands to expel white students from common cafeterias.


RWC News University Now Segregating Dorms To Make Them “Safer” In Show Of “Social Progress”

Black Lives Matter groups at colleges across the country are demanding their own private “safe space”

Northwestern President Morton Schapiro’s premise “is that everyone should have a place — apparently even a place in the dining hall — where they are sheltered from dissimilar people,” reports the Times.

He spoke enthusiastically about a Jewish graduate’s endorsement of her own safe space “She knew that when she was there,” he commented, “she could relax and not worry about being interrogated by non-Jews about Israeli politics or other concerns.”

Schools used to pride themselves on exposing students to new and varied viewpoints. Now however American universities tilt so far to the left that they might topple over. Liberal teachers pander to their students’ fears.

Everyone’s an expert in the digital age. No matter how ridiculous your opinion is if you search online you can find scores of others human beings who believe the same thing, or are at least willing to say that they do. Critical thinking skills are withering as they become less necessary. You don’t have to defend your opinion if you can surround yourself with others who think exactly like you.


“There are worrying signs that future undergraduates will be even more disposed to embrace such self-segregation than their predecessors,” journalists warn.

“The campaign for establishing a Queer Housing Program at Haverford College expresses the spirit of the times.”

A recent UC “Students of Color” conference was lambasted by critics for devolving into an “Oppression Olympics” where attendees battled over which race was discriminated against the most.

RWC News University Now Segregating Dorms To Make Them “Safer” In Show Of “Social Progress”

Coddled students refuse to try to understand the viewpoints and opinions of others

The tolerance and liberality that universities are supposed to promote is endangered by students’ fear of the unknown. Silly, weak-minded men and women would rather stick their heads in the sand and pretend that their insular world is all that exists than confront challenging opinions.

“Whereas historically the university freed its members from their cultural baggage to create a community of intellectual individuals, students in the contemporary era are regarded not as individuals in their own right but as the personification of a cultural group,” bemoans the Times.

“The popularity of identity politics among insecure millennials threatens to fracture campus life to the point that undergraduates are inhabiting separate spaces and leading parallel lives.”

American schools’ descent into leftist nonsense needs to be stopped. Schools aren’t there to protect their students’ feelings; they’re there to help them grow. Too bad for the spoiled campus trolls, that would mean growing up.

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