US Sending Nuke-Detecting Plane to Korean Peninsula

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The U.S. has sent a special military aircraft that specializes in detecting radioactive debris to Okinawa, Japan, a move that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un will take seriously … if he’s smart.

Stars and Stripes reported that an Air Force WC-135 Constant Phoenix, also known as a “nuke-sniffer,” arrived at Kadena Air Base on Okinawa on Friday, according to Satoru Kuba, an Okinawan who monitors military aircraft traffic at the base. Kadena Air Base is within easy range of North Korea and its nuclear weapons program.

The Phoenix gathers and filters gasses using two scoops on the sides of its fuselage. Crews are then able to analyze the fallout residue from an explosion and confirm the presence of nuclear material and possibly even identify the warhead that was used, according to the Army’s fact sheet on the aircraft.

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Take a look at the “nuke-sniffer:”

RWC News US Sending Nuke-Detecting Plane to Korean Peninsula

A senior official with Japan Self-Defense Forces confirmed the aircraft’s arrival, according to Japan’s Nikkei Asian Review.

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The official also said that Japan’s Self-Defense Forces had increased their intelligence gathering and equipped ships with missile defense systems in preparation for a possible North Korean missile launch.

Stars and Stripes reported that Japanese and American allies were sharing intelligence about possible moves by North Korea in light of several upcoming milestones. Saturday will mark the 105 birthday of Kim Il Sung, who founded the communist state. In addition, April 25 will be the 85th anniversary of when the Korean People’s Army was established.

In response to last week’s missile strikes against Syria, North Korea warned of “catastrophic consequences” if the U.S. attempted a pre-emptive strike, according to Stars and Stripes.

North Korea has tested nearly 30 missiles and conducted two nuclear tests since last year. Kim Jong Un has sent threatening messages to the U.S., showing no signs of slowing down his provocative actions.

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The Trump administration has indicated that military action is not off the table when it comes to Korea and has called on China to handle its ally — or the United States will.

From the look of these “nuke-sniffers” arriving in Japan, the U.S. is taking the necessary steps to stop Kim in his tracks, should he decide to act up.

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