VIDEO: Budweiser Goes After Trump in Super Bowl Ad

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Budweiser, purveyors of fizzy yellow swill, have taken their Super Bowl advertising into the political arena to attack Donald Trump.

The massive, Belgian-owned “beer” company has revealed its latest advertisement set to air during the Super Bowl, and it focuses heavily on Budweiser’s founders being immigrants from Europe.  This, of course, could be construed as a dig at President Trump’s recent emergency immigration reform policy meant to keep Americans safe from the horrors of radical Islamic terrorism.

Budweiser’s ad will most likely fall flat, however, as consumers are constantly reminded that the brand stole its name and identity from a Czech brand years and years ago, and recently sold out to Belgian conglomerate InBev for a whopping $53 billion.  (This doesn’t even begin to delve into their horrible business tactics that squash mom-and-pop companies by the dozen).

You can watch the snarky ad below.

[embedded content]

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