VIDEO: California Sheriffs Say No To Sanctuary State Law

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RWC News VIDEO: California Sheriffs Say No To Sanctuary State Law

California democrats are exposing their constituents to extreme levels of gang violence from Mexican cartels.

Governor Jerry Brown recently declared California a “Sanctuary State”, which will refuse to cooperate with federal law enforcement regarding immigration cases.

Millions of Californians have been already suffered from the increased crime, drug distribution, gang violence, strained school systems, overcrowded hospitals, and wage depression that come with illegal immigration. Now they are asked to pay once more, in the form of a permanent amnesty for the criminals that have been plaguing their state.

RWC News VIDEO: California Sheriffs Say No To Sanctuary State Law

Illegal immigrants put a massive strain on an already tight California labor market.


But many in law enforcement circles are fed up with the democrats in Sacramento politicizing the issue. A group of sheriffs have complained that their hands are being tied when it comes to ensuring safety in their communities.

Starting in January 2018, police will be forbidden from asking inmates at jails about their immigration status. Executive Director of the National Sheriff’s Association Jonathan Thompson calls it a reckless move.

He says that the so-called “Values Act” is only honoring the values of “thugs, rapists, murderers, and serial criminals.”


He laughingly said we might as well just ask criminals “hey please don’t do crime”, because the new laws are so dangerous for the public. Law enforcement in California will essentially be neutered when it comes to stopping gang and drug crime.

According to Thompson, it’s time for Congress and the DHS to step in and put a stop to this madness in California – for the sake of the innocent citizens who stand to be victimized!

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Emma Laftchu
I began reporting for RWC News on October 12th of 2016. Prior to that I was a reporter for WOKR Radio.

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